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A Plague Tale: Innocence Looks Stunning With These New Screenshots

A Plague Tale: Innocence Looks Stunning With These New Screenshots

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A new batch of screenshots for A Plague Tale: Innocence are here to show off how stunning and gorgeous the world of A Plague Tale: Innocence will be

Here we go with yet another new batch of screenshots for A Plague Tale: Innocence to take in and gods they look amazing. The game already looked like it was going to be a sight to see from everything that Asobo Studio has shown so far, but these show off the level of detail that the team is going with when it comes to the world and characters. In fact, it looks like there has been a vast upgrade from what we have seen in the past for A Plague Tale: Innocence. Granted, those were all early build of the game that Focus Home Interactive was using to let us know it was coming, but here we can see that the team is fully at work and on point to bring us a fun experience on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

What we get to see here is more of the world and protagonists in A Plague Tale. Some of which are in a more pleasant environment and some of which in a darker place that the game will be taking us through. Weirdly, there does seem to be a lack of rats and the plague here in these screenshots, but I will take what I can for this game. Especially when it looks like there will be more emotion thrown into it all as Amicia and Hugo try to survive and find a happy end to their adventure. Although it does feel like that may not be the case in A Plague Tale given the setting and the looks that the characters have on their faces in these shots. Have a look and see for yourself.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is the gorgeous, evocative new adventure game from Asobo Studio, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019. Rats swarm and chaos descends over medieval France as war rages. Young siblings Amicia and Hugo must make their way through the desolate and plague-ridden landscapes as they search for shelter. Today’s brand new screenshots showcase just how beautiful and varied a world Asobo have built for their adventure, and the incredible characters created to explore it.

A Plague Tale: Innocence tells a grim and emotional story, sending us on a journey through medieval France, with gameplay blending adventure, action, and stealth, supported by a compelling, moving story. Follow Amicia and Hugo De Rune, two lost children trying to survive a harsh, brutal world plagued by the Black Death. On the run from the Inquisition, and surrounded by the unnatural swarms of rats that appeared with the disease, Amicia and Hugo embark on a rocky journey that will not leave them unscathed.

Do you see a vast improvement on the visuals for A Plague Tale: Innocence here or is it about what you remember from the past screens and videos? Do you think these are just going to be on the high-end PC settings for the game or will this be how it looks on all platforms when it launches? Do you think that we are going to have an over emotion adventure here or will it just have a few scenes with a happy ending? Let us know what you think down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on A Plague Tale: Innocence, keep checking back in here. Hopefully, we will have a lot more soon, as well as a release date for the game.

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