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Check Out All The Features Of Extinction & A Bit More Story

Check Out All The Features Of Extinction & A Bit More Story


Learn more of Extinction with the latest trailer that dives into the story of Extinction a bit more as well as the features & mechanics we will be using

There is still a bit of time before Extinction launches on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One as April 10th is still a bit further in the future than now. You have a brain though and should know that still, but I needed to make sure you knew when the game is still coming out. Now that you have been reminded, it is time to get into what Iron Galaxy has to offer up for Extinction here as we wait for the final release. There is still so much that we have yet to be shown in video form and it is always nice to have the little extras. Especially since we have a bit more on the actual combat mechanics and story bits that we will get in the game. Things I always love to see and such.

For those following along pretty close to Extinction since we first had things to bring to the table, there is not much new in the way of information. It does look like there will be many other ways to build up our Rune Power to take down the huge Ravenii. It also sounds like there could be some escort missions mixed in based on the developer updates here as Extinction will not just be a wave killing kind of game. So it is nice to hear that we are going to be getting many other things mixed in to keep us busy and fit into the larger story of the game. We are humanity’s last hope out there and these things are just killing everything as they go. It makes sense to have that in there too.

It also looks like Extinction will not be the basic hack-n-slash title that it looks like from the basic videos. Iron Galaxy is known for their fighting combat and such, and it looks like that mentality is also here as we will have attack combos and cancels to use out there as we get ready to kill the main threat. Sadly, in the video they do not explain it in much detail, but you can kind of see how the main character is in the middle of a specific string and then swap into a new one pretty fluidly. Have a look, though, and see what I am talking about just in case my words are not painting the best of pictures for you.

Extinction — Features

Learn more about the world and story of Extinction as you prepare to protect humanity from the bloodthirsty hordes of the Ravenii. Discover Extinction‘s skill-based combat, which you’ll have to master to defend Dolorum — and the world — from annihilation.

I know I mentioned before that there is a bit more of the story for Extinction here and if you watched the video you did get to take that in. That and it looks like we are going to have some amazing animation to go with all of that and not just in-game cutscenes or animatics with voice-overs. I am a fan of that and am excited to see how much more of those shots we are going to get. I have a feeling it will be, but only time will tell…

Are you fully ready for Extinction yet or do you still need more to get ready for the full game? Do you like the animations we have here to tell the story or would you have rather received true in-game videos? Do you think that the combat will fit with the style of game or will it get bogged down in the basic hack-n-slash we will try to play in the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Extinction as we head toward April 10th, keep checking back in here. We will keep the updates rolling and you will want to see them all.

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