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Concept Art A Plenty Is Here For Beyond Good & Evil 2

Concept Art A Plenty Is Here For Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good & Evil 2

More concept art for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is here to give us all a little taste of what we can expect in this Beyond Good & Evil a bit

It was recently stated that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was going to be sitting this E3 out for the year, but that does not mean that we will not be getting some kind of updates for it at all. Sure, there are the Space Monkey reports out there that Ubisoft is placing out there and we may see a new trailer before or after the event. There is nothing specific set down as of yet, but we do have something new for Beyond Good & Evil 2. All in the way of some new concept art for the game and not much more on that. We will take what we can and be happy about it all.

It is not new gameplay or even stills of gameplay, but it is interesting to see a bit of what to expect in Beyond Good & Evil 2. Like the fact that we may be going in deeper on the backstory of some of these characters and how they came into creation. Not to mention the fact that we may see a shark hybrid in there somewhere. Unless all of these images are nothing more than part of the hype. My guess is that they are not and we will see some variation of it all in the final version of Beyond Good & Evil 2. Even if they are just in the background and nothing specific to the gameplay.

What thoughts do you have on Beyond Good & Evil 2 based on these new bits of concept art we have here today? Do you think that we will see deeper story for all of the characters in the game or will it just be the core ones in general? Would you want to play as a shark hybrid in the game or would you go with something else? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will, hopefully, have more for Beyond Good & Evil 2 sometime soon. When we do, we will add it all to the site here to keep you updated.

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