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Degrees Of Separation Walks Through More Of Its World & Story

Degrees Of Separation Walks Through More Of Its World & Story

Degrees Of Separation

New gameplay for Degrees Of Separation is here to take us deeper into the world of Degrees Of Separation as well as the characters & story

Here we go with more for Degrees Of Separation to get us ready for its launch on February 14th. Just as we had promised last time from Moondrop, we have more gameplay to look at and see more of the game’s story before launch. While all gameplay, it is definitely more on the story and character side of things here as we only see one other way that Rime and Ember are able to interact in Degrees Of Separation. This being one of the bigger gameplay aspects one would think we would have more on that than the story and characters. We would want to see how all of that plays out when we play the game and not have it spoiled with hidden game mechanics to search for in the game. Maybe that is just me though.

Nonetheless, here we are with more for Degrees Of Separation that dives more into the world Ember is from, a warm forest climate, and the world of Rime, a frozen world that freezes almost instantly. The core mechanic of the game being that we have to blend the two abilities to traverse the world. Weirdly, we saw more of these abilities in the previous video for Degrees Of Separation but we do get to see an explosive power here. Have a look at the latest and learn a bit more of the story and characters at least. It is written and narrated by some amazing talent in the industry so we know it has a chance to be amazing unless something horrible happens along the way.

Degrees Of Separation — Gameplay Walkthrough

Take a tour of the gameplay in Degrees Of Separation, launching February 14, 2019!

Learn more about Ember and Rime, two souls empowered with the ability to manipulate the environment around them while growing ever closer to one another. Harness the powers of hot and cold to solve environmental puzzles and interact with a gorgeously realized, non-linear world as you discover new aspects of Ember and Rime’s relationship.

Experience a compelling story by acclaimed fantasy writer Chris Avellone and narrated by Kira Buckland, and engage in single-player and cooperative 2D platforming gameplay when Degrees Of Separation launches on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) on February 14, 2019.

How are you feeling about Degrees Of Separation so far and do you like where it is heading? Would you have rather seen more of the game mechanics here or did you like having more of the characters and story instead? How crazy do you think the puzzles in the game will be or will it be fairly basic to keep the flow going at all times? Let us have those thoughts and feelings down in the comments and then discuss. As we get more for Degrees Of Separation, we will share it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back in to see and hear it all. Hopefully with more gameplay soon.

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