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Do You Have What Is Needed To Survive The Chernobylite Early Access

Do You Have What Is Needed To Survive The Chernobylite Early Access


The early access dates for Chernobylite have been laid down and we have a new breakdown of what parts of Chernobylite will be included

It looks like Chernobylite is coming and coming quickly for those that are down to get in on an early access form of the game well before its launch next year. That would be at least the current way to get hands-on with what The Farm 51 will have for the game this year. That is to say for those that did not get in on the Kickstarter for Chernobylite back when that we running. There was ample opportunity to do so and those who did will be able to get in on a Closed Alpha on September 17th. The rest can now look to October 16th to get their access into the game on the PC. All the Xbox One and PS4 gamers will have to wait until a much later time, as usual.

If the basics of Chernobylite have not sold you on why you need to get in on it all, here we go with a new breakdown of just what will be coming for those early adopters of the game. We will have access to three of the open locations in the game, at least eight hours of the story to play through for Chernobylite, all the fun environments that have been crafted with nine of the missions we can replay over and over, and so much more. Obviously, not the full game but it will be a great slice to keep us all playing and offering up feedback to the team to make it all that much better. If that is why you get in on Early Access games in the first place. Sometime gamers do it for other reasons.

Chernobylite — Early Access Showcase

Thanks to the backers support the game has been enriched with new locations, characters, and even additional game mechanics. In October all the patiently awaiting gamers will have an amazing opportunity to explore the “Heart of Darkness” – a Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant itself, as well as terrifying environments of Kopachi kindergarten, the mysterious Eye of Moscow, and fragments of the abandoned city of Pripyat. Early Access will offer its players an endless survival experience with 8 hours of storytelling and free-of-charge access to the upcoming updates adding new episodes, locations, characters, and equipment to the game. The story in Chernobylite is non-linear, unpredictable and fully dependent on player’s decisions, which leads to many possible endings. That means even if you finish the story in EA, you can relive it again many times and in many different ways.

Watch the Chernobylite gameplay footage showcasing the components of Early Access version above but be aware that just after watching it you’ll need a long, decontamination shower.

It is also worth mentioning that on September 17th Chernobylite will run its Closed Alpha tests just for the Kickstarter backers. The testers will have a whole month to try the game, report bugs, leave their thoughts, ideas, and wishes about the further direction of the project.

Developers are hoping that the feedback gathered from gamers and a close interaction with their community at every stage of the production will direct the further development in the right place as it happened before, and alpha tests, as well as Early Access, will help to shape the final version in the best possible way.

The full release is planned for the second half of 2020, so be sure to follow Chernobylite’s Steam and Discord to keep up with all news and updates from the developers who are always happy to engage in discussions with their fans. After Steam release, the game will also appear on other PC digital distribution platforms.

Are you aiming to get in on the upcoming Early Access for Chernobylite or will you be holding off to get the full game? Did you throw down for the Kickstarter and will be jumping in starting on next Tuesday? Are you going to fully hold out until it hits the consoles as we have been promised? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. I know there will be much more for Chernobylite as we march forward and onward. To make sure you see and hear it all, all you need to do is keep a close eye on the site here. We will keep it all coming at you as best and as fast as we can.

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