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Explore More Of Far Cry 5’s Open World Here

Explore More Of Far Cry 5’s Open World Here

Far Cry 5

A lot of gameplay for Far Cry 5 has been released and it shows off the open world of Far Cry 5 better than we have seen so far

Far Cry 5 may have been pushed back to March 27th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but that does not mean that we are not going to get flooded with new gameplay to look and get us hyped up for the game. This is Ubisoft after all and they will want us to see all the flashy visuals and explosions as possible to get us to shell out more cash for the game. This is most likely why we now have almost a half hour of new footage for Far Cry 5 to look at and see how the open world of the game will be as dynamic as some of us have wanted but also as lush as it should be. We are in the wooded areas of Montana and all of the North Americans out there are going to be pretty judgy on all of that. Maybe…

While most of the gameplay we have here for Far Cry 5 is all based around the open world aspect of the game, we do get to see a few missions play out in the mix. Take that as a spoiler alert of sorts, but it does a great job of showing off how dynamic the world can be as we can be heading to new missions, in the middle of it, or in the middle of going through the story portion of the missions and have insanity dropped on us. Unlike other open world games out there, Far Cry 5 does not seem to just keep going with the story and will pause what is going on with the NPCs to deal with whatever may be out there. By pause, I am not talking that the whole briefing or story bit will replay, but it will pick back up where it was left off so it feels less like the NPCs are not “real” people in the world. A nice little feature indeed.

We also get a look at another form of side mission that is based on Hometown Heroes and such. As Far Cry 5 is based in a real-world setting and Ubisoft is trying to flesh that out well, the small town has many other legends mixed in just as one would expect in the real lands. Stories or legends of people that lived there and did some noteworthy thing for the town. Here we get to see their best stunt driver and also get to “relive” the event that he was well-known for. In this case, it was driving a flaming car, but it makes it feel a bit more fluid for these racing events and other side missions thrown into open world games where the enemies just ignore you for “reasons.” Far Cry 5 is not the first to do it, but it is a nice thing to have mixed in.

Far Cry 5 — Open World Gameplay

Witness the madness, mayhem, and utter destruction you can wreck in Far Cry 5. Watch our brand new open-world gameplay demo on the latest episode of PS Underground.

That may have been a whole lot of Far Cry 5 to take in there, but we still have a bit more. More on showing how the resistance of Hope County will start to back you up more and more as your legend spreads out there. Pretty much, it is a meter based on your accomplishments so you can have more allies in the field as you start to truly upset the cult out there. They will react to our antics and try to stop them, so why should those other freedom fighters in the area not try to take up arms and help us right back. Again, not the first time it has been in a video game, but it is a feature in Far Cry 5 and we get to see just a bit more for it just below.

Far Cry 5 — The Resistance

Learn more about how the world of Far Cry 5 reacts to your activities as you fight alongside your local allies, the Guns & Fangs for Hire, to take back Hope County.

Does all of this get your excitement for Far Cry 5 back up after the delay or is it more a tease with spoilers for you as you wait? Do you like how the team is trying to tell smaller stories in the game based on set pieces and little to no dialog or do you need it all ham-fisted into your brain to truly get it? Could the resistance start doing what the cult did to breed animals as weapons or will that blur the lines too much in a game about breaking free? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will certainly have a lot more of Far Cry 5 to bring you, so make sure you stick close to the site so you do not miss a thing.

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