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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Theme Song Comes Along With New Footage

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Theme Song Comes Along With New Footage

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The music for Final Fantasy VII Remake is unveiled a bit here and we get a solid look at more characters coming back in this version of Final Fantasy VII

Given the name we have for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, it would make sense that we would be getting some new songs and some updates to the older ones. You know, all the way to make it all fit the new look and feel and also the state of video games right now. It would be cool to be able to replay with some of the classic music instead, as an option, but I have a feeling that would ruin some of the scenes and tone that Square Enix is going for in the game. It is odd how music can completely change the scene or action and that was something that Final Fantasy VII did great the first time. I think, at least, although that could change on April 10th when the game hits the PS4. I doubt it, but there is always a chance.

While the music is the bigger focus here, there is a whole lot of new footage for Final Fantasy VII Remake mixed in too. Some of it pre-rendered and some of it actual gameplay. There are some story spoilers for those who are looking to go in completely blind, even though there is a good chunk from the original game still in here, but take that as a warning. We do get to see Red XIII in the mix of it all giving sage advice and it looks like the cross-dressing scene from the original Final Fantasy VII is going to have a whole lot more going on than before. I am talking a whole musical number if the scenes here are to be extrapolated. An interesting tidbit, but one I will gladly take in as it means more game and not just doing it for the laughs.

Final Fantasy VII Remake — Theme Song

Square Enix today introduced the spectacular music for Final Fantasy VII Remake, unveiling the theme song for the highly anticipated game with a brand new trailer, alongside behind-the-scenes interviews with the track’s creators. The theme song, titled “Hollow”, is written by revered Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu and features vocals from Singer-Songwriter, Yosh – from Japanese Rock band, Survive Said The Prophet.

Alongside the theme song, the brand-new trailer gives a further glimpse at Final Fantasy VII Remake’s epic boss battles and characters, taking viewers even deeper into the eclectic city of Midgar. For returning fans, the trailer also showcases some memorable moments reminiscent of the original game reimagined for the Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake — Theme Song Behind The Scenes

Get a behind the scenes look of the recording of ‘Hollow’, the official theme song of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

What do you think about the new music coming to Final Fantasy VII here? Do you agree that it can make, break, or change a scene depending on how it is all mixed in? Are you glad to see some of the scenes that were small before getting a whole lot more fleshed out or should it have been a short instance as before? Let us know what is on your mind down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more for Final Fantasy VII Remake, you know we will have it all over the site here. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more.

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