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Garry’s Mod Finally Gets A New Update

Garry’s Mod Finally Gets A New Update

After Garry’s Mod’s ten millionth copy sold a big update has come to Garry’s Mod

After selling its ten millionth copy over the New Year sale the delightful, Garry’s Mod has received a much needed update that fixes some very long-standing problems.

Let’s take a moment to speculate. I, as well as many others, love Garry’s Mod. Its wacky sandbox fun. Its creative community effort and multiplayer modes such as Trouble In Terrorist Town. Though sometimes I have found myself leaving the game on the virtual shelf for long stretches of time due to the game’s many flaws. Sometimes it takes forever to get into a server. The game doesn’t always work quite right seemingly for no reason at all.

I have always wondered if they would release a Garry’s Mod 2 or port it over to the Source 2 engine as a stress test for it. It seems like a logical idea with VR and other ventures Valve is looking to pursue in the future. I know it might seem counterproductive to release a game that would automatically make Garry’s Mod obsolete but that’s kind of my point. It’s already obsolete and while it still may be a lot of fun to play at a very cheap price.

Another thing that is vastly improved would logically make much more money. Some of that money would be initial and the rest would come as time passed and less and less people played Garry’s Mod or switched because there friend bought it and was having fun. We can only speculate and hope for the future but in the meantime here are the complete list updates and if you’re still wanting more gaming news check out the many other articles here on the site.

Updates – http://www.garrysmod.com/2016/02/22/february-2016-update-2/

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