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Get Ready To Get Toy Sized In Kingdom Hearts III

Get Ready To Get Toy Sized In Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

The next world for Kingdom Hearts III has been announced out at D23 and it looks like the Kingdom Hearts franchise is finally getting a Toy Story theme

We were promised new footage for Kingdom Hearts III out of D23 over the weekend and that is just what we were given during the show. Not only given but also shown a whole lot of new game that Square Enix has been working as well as the story for the new world that we are not only getting in the game, but also for the first time in the franchise. As the above image has mostly likely spoiled, it looks like Kingdom Hearts III will be taking us into Andy’s room to hang out with Woody and Buzz as we head off into the world of Toy Story. Gods those names sound so wrong when written out of context and such.

Anyways, the latest world for Kingdom Hearts III is Toy Story and it looks like the Heartless are there in force after having a few other toys in the mix kidnapped. I am going to assume it was Little Bo Peep or Jessie as the bigger ones to get the team all ready to roll out. It also looks like Woody and Buzz will be part of the team if you take a look at the HUD during the gameplay sections. A nice little combination here for Kingdom Hearts and I am sure that it will bring fans of all of the franchise in as it is one of the bigger sellers. Of course there are still more to go as we wait until 2018 for the game, but we can only speculate on the rest for now.

Kingdom Hearts III — Toy Story

Square Enix and Disney unveiled a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer that shines a spotlight on the first world in the Kingdom Hearts series to be based on a Disney•Pixar film, “Toy Story.” Director of the Kingdom Hearts series, Tetsuya Nomura, premiered the trailer during The Walt Disney Company’s Video Game Showcase at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California.

The new trailer follows Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy to Andy’s room as they join Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, Rex and Sarge’s investigation into the disappearance of their fellow toys and Andy, and the emergence of the Heartless enemies in their world. Featuring an original storyline, fans will get a first look at the dynamic trio’s “Toy Story”-themed looks, all-new toys, such as the Gigas, and special Keyblades that transform and give Sora unique attacks to unleash on Heartless enemies.

I will say that I am curious to see how far Square Enix goes with the Toy Story theme here for Kingdom Hearts III. We know that they will be using the world, characters, and look of it all but I am curious if they will use other rules that the film has set down. Like if there will be a section of the world or even a battle where the humans show up and everyone falls to the ground motionless. It would seem likely to be in a cut-scene at least as that is always the weirdness and fun that Kingdom Hearts has brought already, but mixing it all into a fight or playable section would add in an extra level of fun in my eyes.

It is also cool to see that the toys in this part of Kingdom Hearts III will not only be just movable and attacking things. By that I mean that it does look like we’ll be able to hop in and employ some of the toy’s basic functionality in the game. Specifically the battle mech that we see Sora jump into here and then use to take down some other heartless in the game. If we can get more of that kind of gameplay in, even just for this section, I think it will add all kind of fun to the whole experience and not just be a way to cash in on our nostalgia with a good story and gameplay mechanics. Maybe that is just me though…

Do you think that Toy Story was going to come about in Kingdom Hearts III or was this a complete surprise? Do you think that we will only see the first film in action or could it be parts of all of them so far in the mix here? What other gameplay mechanics do you want to see spurn from this new world in the game or do you want it to stay just the core with a new world skin? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Kingdom Hearts III as it comes about, be sure to stick right here. We’ll have it all and you won’t want to be left out of a single reveal or update.

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