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Have A Little More Backstory For God Of War’s Atreus

Have A Little More Backstory For God Of War’s Atreus

God Of War

If you missed out on the PSX tour of God Of War this year, then you are in luck as you can experience all of the God Of War that was shown there

While we still may have been left wanting for more gameplay for God Of War here, we do have a bit more in terms of the game’s story and background. At least for one of the characters we will be adventuring with here as Santa Monica Studio made sure to capture the guided tour they had at this year’s PSX that went into detail on one of Atreus’ first adventures. He is a curious child and it seems that there will be more going on with him in the game than just being backup support or one long escort mission. It would be awesome to actually see more of God Of War in action on the PS4, but we are going to be stuck with just backstories for now it seems.

Have a look at it all and a listen. You will get a bit more of the God Of War story here, but mainly just concept art and descriptions of how some of the enemies will act in the game. I truly wish it was more, but beggars cannot be choosers at this point in development. Maybe there is something extra hidden in there that we all missed…

God Of War — A Call From The Wilds

Fans at PSX 2017 traveled on a guided tour of Atreus’ first adventure. The boy is following strange voices beyond the woods near his home, but where do they lead?

In addition to the above tour for God Of War, we also have a new Lost Pages Podcast out there for the game that goes into some of the discussion on how the weapons and gear of the game were crafted by Santa Monica Studio. Primarily the Leviathan Axe that we have seen Kratos swinging around and hurling at enemies in the small amount of gameplay we have seen for God Of War thus far. Here is a bit of a tease on that whole story of how the ax was forged and the full podcast is live on the official site for the game if you want to hear it all. Also a bit more from the Lead Gameplay Designer and Lead Gameplay Engineer for the game. If only we could get some actual gameplay.

God Of War — The Lost Pages Of Norse Myth: Episode 4

“The Forging of Leviathan” unveils the origin story of a most legendary weapon, crafted by the Huldra brothers out of a sense of duty to restore balance to the realms.

Join Jason Weiser of The Myths and Legends podcast as he unveils a new Lost Page of Norse Myth to reveal official backstory from the world of God Of War.

The last thing we will leave you with here for God Of War is a bit of in-game things to look at. Over on the developer’s social media accounts, they have released 3D looks at the Leviathan Axe, Atreus’ Bow, and Kratos’ Shield that we will get to use. There are also posts out there that give you the ability to rotate and look at the actual 3D model out there for those who are like me and crave anything from the full version of God Of War and will need to be sated with just this. We have them just below for you though.

What do you think about Atreus’ story here for God Of War and do you think it will tie in deeper to the full story or will it be just a bit of backstory just for promotions? Do you think we will get some new gameplay here soon or will it be the same little bits like this over and over again until launch? Are you at least glad to see how the weapons and gear look here? Let us have all of those thoughts and feelings down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on God Of War in all of the forms we are getting them, be sure to stick around here on the site. We will keep it all coming.

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