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Horizon Zero Dawn Is Looking Even Better On The PS4 Pro Now

Horizon Zero Dawn Is Looking Even Better On The PS4 Pro Now

Horizon Zero Dawn

New screenshots for Horizon Zero Dawn have been released showing off about how nice Horizon Zero Dawn is going to look on the PS4 Pro

Back in September we were shown a bit how Horizon Zero Dawn will be using some of the new PS4 Pro features to look even better on the system. We were also assured by Guerrilla Games that those who didn’t have the Pro or a 4K TV were not going to miss out on much, just some of the great advantages that these displays can give us. Now we have a few new screenshots to look at here to see just about as close as we can to what Horizon Zero Dawn will be giving us on February 28th 2017 given that we have the ability to show it all off as well as it has been crafted. There is still some time for that so don’t start to freak out just yet.

Even if you are still stuck in the normal area most of us will be, Horizon Zero Dawn will still look nice and crisp at the 1080p resolutions that will be pumped out on both the Pro and standard PS4. Apparently Guerrilla has employed some new techniques to make sure that no one will miss out but those with the advancements will get the true bonus when the dust has settled. For those on the lower end of things it looks like supersampling will be used to reduce all of the ‘jaggies’ and clipping in a way to get you seeing the same level of detail that you can. Of course that may mean nothing to you as of right now as the proof will be in the pictures.

If you are one of those people who will have a tricked out entertainment system before Horizon Zero Dawn comes to market then you’ll get the treat of having the 4K resolution pumped right in and the higher quality of the textures at your disposal. As of right now it looks like Guerrilla Games is touting that you’ll truly be able to see individual stitches in clothing as well as individual leaves and blades of grass swaying in the breeze at a few kilometers away. It looks like we are all going to have to pay more attention to Horizon Zero Dawn‘s environment to see if we can truly spot all of this or if it was just hype. You know, because they have no way of truly showing all of this off until the game launches. At least for now.

What are your thoughts on how Horizon Zero Dawn looks here? Do you think it will be one of those titles that forces the upgrading of TVs or will it just be hype? Do you believe the claim of the foliage that was given or is it too going to be something we hope for but never truly see? Give us your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to discuss. As more on Horizon Zero Dawn is revealed we will have it here on the site. Be sure to stay right here so you can keep completely up to date on all of it as it comes.

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