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Hunt: Showdown Is Making Its Way Over To Xbox Game Preview Soon

Hunt: Showdown Is Making Its Way Over To Xbox Game Preview Soon

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is still in development, but it looks like Xbox gamers will have a chance to join the Hunt this coming Spring

More or less, the headline says it all here as it looks like Hunt: Showdown is now heading to the Xbox Game Preview program for more gamers to experience. Just in case you have missed out or did not have a chance to experience the game yet on the PC where Crytek has had it in Early Access for a while already. Some of us do not want to play out games on PCs, which is fine, and now a new option to play Hunt: Showdown is coming. Sometime this Spring we will be able to give this a new go and see just where the game has evolved to so far. A specific date has not been placed down as of this posting, so you do not need to scour the internet finding that.

From the looks of it all, this version of Hunt will be built off the latest version of the Early Access and will be tailored to work exactly right for the controller scheme. Not that most PC gamers do not have that option already, but this will ensure that the developers have made it just right and you can play it as they intend it. There is no word on if there will be cross-platform play as of yet. I would not take that off the plate for Hunt: Showdown as of yet, but there is no specific word. Also, there is no word on if the game will be heading to the PS4 at any point either. I guess time will tell…

Hunt: Showdown — Xbox Game Preview

It is official: Hunt: Showdown will be coming to Xbox Game Preview this Spring!

Game Preview gives Xbox players the chance to support and play games—like Hunt: Showdown — that are still in development.

Here’s our sweet new teaser to celebrate the announcement — and a clip from a new song written exclusively for the game. Check it out, and tell all your Xbox-loving friends!

Are you excited to see Hunt: Showdown making its way over to a console or did you want to wait until it was fully ready before then? Do you think that we will see some cross-platform capabilities in the game or will that be left out? Will the PS4 gamers still get to see this game on their system or will it be locked down for these platforms now? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments. When and if there is more for Hunt: Showdown, we will share it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that as we head onward into its cycle.

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