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It Is Almost Time To Break The Divide In Degrees Of Separation

It Is Almost Time To Break The Divide In Degrees Of Separation

Degrees Of Separation

Love will be in the air soon with Degrees Of Separation as it launches on Valentine’s Day and we now have more to look at for Degrees Of Separation before then

Just as fast as the game was announced, it is being released as Degrees Of Separation will be hitting our PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on February 14th. Just in time for Valentine’s Day so we can share this experience with a loved one. That or play it all by yourself on Single Awareness Day. Depending on which one of those you fit into here. No judgment here. Just know that Moondrop has made it possible either way so Degrees Of Separation can include as many of us as possible when it comes time to let that day roll out. I think I just made myself a little sad now…

Back to happier things. Since the day is almost here, that means that we also have a nice and new trailer to look at for Degrees Of Separation. It houses many of the same and basic game mechanics we have seen since it was first announced but also holds some new locations and story to take in as we wait the next few days until we can play it. It definitely looks like Degrees Of Separation is more of a romantic story than it is a buddy story as it was alluded to before. At least that is how I saw it but maybe things are just being clouded due to the holiday coming with the game and the way things are being displayed here.

Degrees Of Separation — Launch Trailer

Embark on a journey in the visually sensational world of Degrees Of Separation, launching on Valentine’s Day!

In Degrees Of Separation, you’ll follow the story of Ember and Rime, two contrasting souls empowered with the ability to manipulate the puzzle-filled world around them.

Individually — with Ember’s mastery of heat and Rime’s control of cold — their unique affinities allow them to traverse the world in varying ways. Together, however, their powers take on an even greater impact, merging to create controllable gusts of wind, frozen rivers, secret passageways, and many more interactive platforms.

Unleash these powers of hot and cold to solve puzzles and embark on a journey within a beautifully realized, non-linear world as you discover new aspects of Ember and Rime’s relationship.

Join the adventure with a compelling story by acclaimed fantasy writer Chris Avellone and narrated by Kira Buckland, and engage in single-player and cooperative 2D platforming gameplay when Degrees Of Separation launches on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam) on February 14, 2019 for $19.99.

Are you impressed with the turnaround on Degrees Of Separation so far or do you think there should have been more buildup until the launch? Did you always see this as a love story or did you think that it was going to build into it and maybe stay a buddy story? Does that even matter and do you just want to dive into the puzzles and fun mechanics that have been laid out there for us? Let us and the world know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more for Degrees Of Separation, you know we will have it here. I mean, what else do we have to do besides playing our games all alone while watching others find love?

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