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It Is Time To Finish What Was Started In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

It Is Time To Finish What Was Started In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

The next story expansion for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War is here and with it comes a new way to play Shadow Of War and many other updates for the game

Get ready for even more Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War to enjoy as the next story expansion for the game is here and ready for your PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You know, whichever system you may have purchased the game for and also are looking to add this DLC to. Especially since Monolith Productions has added in a new character for us to play in Shadow Of War with this story expansion as well as carry over into the main game if we so choose. Longtime fans of the game may already know who it is, but for those still looking to pick it up on its own, this DLC will let you play as Eltariel the Blade Of Galadriel. I am sure that means more to some of you out there than others.

Nonetheless, you will get to play as this elven warrior and use dual elven blades in the game. This will bring along some new combat abilities, skills, and gear for Shadow Of War, as you can expect, all to help you kill some new Nemesis characters that are also coming. The Nazgûl need killing and it looks like the tools for it will be there as well as the ability to gain eight unique Legendary Orcs to join us in the fight. We can see how this is all going to play out can we not? Either way, it is all here and ready for your download or purchase if you are still looking for more to do in Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War.

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War — Blade Of Galadriel Story Expansion

  • Play as Eltariel for the first time, an elite assassin known as the Blade of Galadriel, and go head-to-head with the newest addition to the ranks of the Nazgûl.
  • Wield Eltariel’s dual Elven blades and harness the Light of Galadriel with a host of deadly new combat abilities, skills and gear.
  • Encounter memorable new Nemesis characters, such as Flint, Tinder and the Slayer of the Dead, while battling the Nazgûl and learning more mysteries of their past.
  • Gain eight unique Legendary Orcs who can return to join your forces in the main story campaign with new abilities added to the Nemesis System.
  • Unlock an Eltariel character skin that can be used in the main story campaign.

Of course, with this expansion for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War comes some new and free updates for those who did not opt for the DLC or Season Pass. There will be some new filters and options for the Photo Mode, the option to swap player skins between Talion and Eltariel, and some new enhancements to the Nemesis System. You can see all of the other things as well as a bit more detail just below as there are a lot more to list out then we have time to fit in here. Just know that they are all coming to Shadow Of War for free if you just have the game. Even the option to swap player skins for those who do not have the above expansion.

  • Nemesis System Enhancements — Orc Captains (whether friends or foes) can exhibit new traits and behaviours, adding further depth to combat encounters and player interactions, such as:
    • Tunnel Rat — Orcs can burrow into the ground and summon Ghûls.
    • Sniper Shot — Archers can fire from great distances with pinpoint accuracy.
    • Tremor — Ologs can pound the earth with tremendous force, staggering nearby threats and heavily damaging structures.
    • Gifts Of Treasure — Followers can now bring players the gift of a Treasure Orc, providing even more ways to earn Gems and Mirian.
  • Photo Mode Upgrades — New filters, frames and styles, along with adjustable expressions and added stickers, giving players more options for customising in-game action shots.
  • Player Skins — Choose to appear as Talion or Eltariel in the main story campaign.
  • Training Orders Update — Players can now upgrade their Orc Followers with Training Orders while in the Garrison, saving time and offering more flexibility in deployment.
  • Player Stats Page — New menu for players to track a variety of in-game statistics, including the number and type of enemy kills, dominations and betrayals; fortresses conquered and defended; gear pieces collected and upgraded; and many more.
  • Field of View Options — More ways for players to customise the user interface and scale their field of view.

How are you feeling about all of these new updates coming to Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War as of today (2/6/18)? Do you like having the option to play as Eltariel in the main game or will it be odd to see scenes play out with that skin instead of Talion? Do you think that the extras for the dual blade combat will feel truly new and unique or will they be more or less deviations of the main sword options we already have? Let everyone out there know your thoughts on this and more down in the comments. If there is more for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War, you know we will have it. Keep checking back in on the site to see it all and stay up to date.

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