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Left Alive Drops More Gameplay On Us To Survive Through

Left Alive Drops More Gameplay On Us To Survive Through

Left Alive

There was more gameplay for Left Alive out of TGS and it gives us a better look at how Left Alive will actually play as well as some cutscenes

There was even more to look at for Left Alive out of this year’s TGS and a good portion of it has come from a live broadcast that Square Enix held during the event. Sadly, it does not seem to come with a lot of details on what is going on, unless you speak the language, but at least there is a lot more to look at. Both on the side of actual gameplay and how cutscenes will be used in Left Alive. Not too surprising is the fact that it all looks to be coming at us in the way we would normally expect. Even if you were not originally expecting the game to actually play out as a cover-based shooter. Yep, that is what we have here.

The majority of it all does look to be in the cover-based setup, but it also looks like we will be piloting mechs in some manner during Left Alive. So, there is that to look forward to when the game finally makes it out over on the Western shores in 2019. Which, if you are excited enough for it, should be purchasable in the new Ultimate Edition of Left Alive that comes with all of the great little extras you should expect as well as one of those mechs in a physical form. All of this is interspersed into the live broadcast below, but if you want to skip to the specifics, the timecodes for the jumps have been marked for your convenience. Enjoy.

Left Alive — TGS 2018 Special Live Broadcast

Gameplay Timecodes

  • Prologue (05:07 – 07:11)
  • Gameplay (10:00 – 13:20)
  • Gameplay (15:24 – 17:01)
  • Cutscene (18:52 – 21:19)
  • Gameplay (23:17 – 25:44)

Left Alive tells a human story of survival from the perspective of three different protagonists during the devastating invasion set in war-torn Novo Slava in 2127.

Experience the massive power gap between man and machine in pulse-pounding encounters: face off against powerfully armed troops, armored vehicles and towering mechs.

Choose your playing style: engage in frenetic gun battles or dispatch your enemies with stealth and wit. Set traps, collect and craft consumables to survive while exploring a devastated city ravaged by the atrocities of war.

Uncover the full story behind the war through the eyes of three different characters: as you progress through the game, experience multiple story paths each requiring bold decisions with desperate consequences.

Is this the game that you expected Left Alive to shape up to be or were you looking for something a little different? Are you glad to see the mechs in the game here or did that seem like a little out of place at first to you as well? Will you be aiming for the Ultimate Edition of the game when all is said and done or will you be going a conservative route with it all? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. If there is more for Left Alive, we will have it here on the site. Just be sure to keep checking back in to see and hear it all.

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