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Live Out Many Of Those Secret Agent Fantasies With Defector

Live Out Many Of Those Secret Agent Fantasies With Defector


A new VR game is coming, Defector, that will try and let you live out the secret agent lifestyle and try not to be a Defector

Get ready to be able to live out some of those cray spy movie fantasies as a new VR title is coming to give you just that and it is called Defector. Probably not the best of names to go with for a title that aims to do the whole spy thing, but maybe Twisted Pixel has some great hidden gems in there to make sense of it all. They generally are good at that and maybe Defector does not point at the character we are playing and that of who were are hunting down or trying to find. I am getting off topic now as the speculation wheels are turning. Nonetheless, we have an announcement here for the game and it is heading to the Oculus Rift this year for some great VR fun. Maybe I should have led with that a bit more.

In Defector, it looks like we are a lead spy that is out of any number of our favorite action-adventure films or shows. While the reasons may not be there just yet, it does look like we are going to be able to pull off all of those crazy stunts and actions in the game and all in a virtual setting. The game features some branching aspects so each play through should be different and in the following announcement trailer for Defector you can see just a bit of that. Will you just get into a shootout with the thugs keeping you locked down on a plane? Or will you hop in a car to run them all down and then leap from said car into another plan all Mission Impossible style? That is what excites me more about this game than anything.

While it does not look like the most graphically amazing title out there, you can see that in the following trailer for Defector, it looks like Twisted Pixel is more worries on the gameplay side of things. This is based on an early trailer for the game, so things may change along the way, but that is how it all looks at this time. Do not just take my word for it though as you can see it all in action right now.

Defector — Announce Trailer

Inspired by the impossible missions of our favorite secret agents, this larger-than-life spy-action-adventure lets you become an elite operative with undercover assignments spanning the globe in dramatic, over-the-top situations.

Whether you’ve imagined navigating high-stakes situations with James Bond’s British charm or La Femme Nikita’s ruthless efficiency, Defector puts your wits to the test in a series of pulse-pounding missions. With gadgets, intel, and a little bit of luck on your side, you just might make it out alive. Risk everything. Fear nothing.

Building upon the narrative-driven success of Wilson’s Heart, Defector features massive set pieces and fast-paced action to keep you on the edge of your seat. And thanks to branching gameplay, each mission’s outcome is directly guided by your choices, big and small.

What are your first thoughts on Defector based on what we can see and know about the game thus far? Do you think that there is a larger focus on gameplay here or will everything be perfected as we get closer to whenever the game is supposed to launch? Do you think that this will be the game that causes many players out there to feel sick during play or will there be some compensation for the high-paced action we can see as of right now? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we get more for Defector, we will have it up on the site. Just be sure to keep checking back in so you can see it all and be fully up to speed.

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