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Meet Injustice 2’s Atom Again Just Before He Hits The Game

Meet Injustice 2’s Atom Again Just Before He Hits The Game

Injustice 2

Another look at Atom is here for Injustice 2, even though we saw him earlier, but this time with more Injustice 2 gameplay

This all may feel a bit familiar for Injustice 2, but here we go with another good look at Atom just before he lands in the game here on December 12th. We had a look at him back in October when NetherRealm Studios opted to show off the worst hidden character in the Fighter Pack 3 DLC, but that was just a small showing (pun intended) just to give a taste. He looked cool, but mainly just did what we expected in Injustice 2 by shrinking, growing, and having his blasts to take down his opponents. That and we also are to see that we are not getting the Ray Palmer version of the character but the Ryan Choi version of the character. All the basics to let us know what is coming here.

Below you can see the latest gameplay for this Injustice 2 character and what he could be bringing to the overall game. It looks like a lot of the same fun we know from the comics and TV shows out there with a bit more flare mixed in here just for the game. It also looks like his character power is linked to his size and what else that offers up. At least that is how it looks here with his extended shrinking portion and how he can dodge projectiles. That could just be the normal ducking for the character as others in Injustice 2 can do the same, but I would like to think it is tied over to his power and not just a basic move. Maybe that is just me though.

Injustice 2 — Atom!


Physics prodigy Ryan Choi took on the mantle of the Atom when his mentor—and original Atom—Ray Palmer mysteriously disappeared. Now armed with quantum shrinking technology, Ryan will use the subatomic power of the quantum bio-belt to seek out his lost friend and further the fight for justice.

What do you think about Atom now that we have more for him in Injustice 2? Does he look like the character you have been waiting for or will he be a character you play to get the basic rewards and then move on from? Do you think that his character power is tied to his shrinking or will it be something else entirely? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss. For more on Injustice 2 and the other DLC characters come, be sure to stick around here. We will have it all and more in the following months and you will not want to miss out.

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