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Mortal Kombat X Solves The Epic Question As Alien Unleashes

Mortal Kombat X Solves The Epic Question As Alien Unleashes

Mortal Kombat X

The fourth and final new character coming to Mortal Kombat X, Alien, has been shown off and now we can solve the great question in Mortal Kombat X over who is the better hunter

The last of the new fighters heading to Mortal Kombat X has been shown off and now we have a good look at the xenomorph, or Alien, from the franchise of the same name. Now is the time that NetherRealm Studios can sit back and just rake in the cash as the Kombat Pack 2 and Mortal Kombat XL are just days from launching and we have some great reasons for all of it. Especially if you and your buddies want to keep answering the question of who would win between Alien and Predator in a fight to the death. Mortal Kombat X now lets us do just that.

For the Alien it does look like a lot of work has gone into the lore of the character as each different variation in Mortal Kombat X does seem to stem from another level of the hierarchy of their race. Sadly it doesn’t look like the creativity in moves and attacks seem to have made it over the same way. In fact one of them is based around the teaser trailer and how Baraka was the Alien’s last victim thus creating a hybrid out of a Mortal Kombat X character fans would have loved to see in full form. It looks like all of those moves we experienced in the story mode are only being used here for the third and best form for the xenomorph and no solid Baraka any time soon.

You can see the entire Kombat Kast that NetherRealm Studios held for the Alien showcase just below but I am pretty sure you are going to want to skip on to the showing of the Tarkatan variation as even the guys here try not to focus on the variation that splashes acid blood and uses face huggers to “trap” the kombatants. Alien sure does look cool but like a few other Mortal Kombat X characters it does kind of fall flat in the variation department. Why not just give us a full Baraka?

Mortal Kombat X — Alien


  • Acidic — Gains Exo Sting and Acid Blood
  • Konjurer — Gains Face Hugger Traps and Drone Strike
  • Tarkatan — Gains Chop Chop, Blade Spin, and attacks utilizing Tarkatan Blades

Do you feel the same way as I about Alien in Mortal Kombat X? Was there too much hype and expectations that it became next to impossible for NetherRealm Studios to meet the demand? Are you at least impressed with the detail and lore that the team went into even if Alien doesn’t look to be the strongest of the fighters? Let us know and comment away down below. If there are more characters and anything else for Mortal Kombat X revealed out of Warner Bros. we will have the details here. Be sure to keep locked into the site for all of that as it comes out.

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