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New Gameplay Shows Off How Amazing Anthem Could Look

New Gameplay Shows Off How Amazing Anthem Could Look


During the NVIDIA CES 2019 keynote, new Anthem gameplay was revealed that shows just how good Anthem could look if you are willing to go PC

CES 2019 has kicked off and that means we will start seeing all kinds of videos and trailers showing off the new tech coming just as we have here for Anthem. We have a new bit of gameplay to look at here but the bigger news here is that DLSS is coming to the PC version of the game for those who use an NVIDIA card to drive their games. I am sure that EA would like you to remember that Anthem is coming and that you should pre-order it now, but that would outshine the news that you can get it bundled in with your new GeForce RTX graphics card, laptops, or PCs. PS4 and Xbox One gamers will still need to go the normal route to pick up the new game from BioWare as it should have been assumed already.

While not the most exciting trailer for Anthem, it does a few flybys and shows off more of the world mainly, it does let you see how pretty the game can be if you are willing to spend the money. That is what all of you PC Master Race gamers all care about right? The frames per second and resolution display. Not if the game is actually any good, right? I am not trying to throw doubt on Anthem or the new graphics cards that are using the game to show it off, but at some point we need to be more concerned with the quality of the gameplay and not how good it could look for those who want to spend a lot of money.

Anthem — CES 2019

Check out the latest exclusive 4K Anthem gameplay revealed at our CES 2019 keynote! It features never-before-seen Javelin, enemies, and environments.

The team is happy to announce that DLSS is coming to Anthem thanks to the hard work of BioWare and NVIDIA. Be ready for the PC launch on February 22nd, 2019!

For a limited time you can receive a free copy of Anthem with the purchase of select GeForce RTX graphics cards, laptops and PCs as part of our new Game On bundle.

Even though the new Anthem footage is nice, you can have a look at other ways that the GeForce RTX could be used. At least as it comes to the generic Tech Demo that started the original look off. It goes a bit more into how everything will look without specifying a title or film. That is at least the benefit as you can see how the masters of the card can use it and not just see how a title that has been in development for a while will look with it. Then you can start to drool over it and see if it will be worth upgrading to so you can get Anthem for free as well.

Nvidia RTX — CES 2019 Tech Demo

What do you think of the new gameplay that we have for Anthem here? Do you think it will look this nice for all gamers out there or do you think it will be the select few who spruce up their PCs for the game? Are you ready for better quality games that do not need to rely on graphics to sell or are you all about the FPS and resolution? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We are watching Anthem closely and will have all of its updates on the site as soon as we can. Be sure to stick around for all of that in the coming days, weeks, and month.

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