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New Leaked Images Point To Another World In Kingdom Hearts III

New Leaked Images Point To Another World In Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

A new batch of ‘leaked’ screenshots for Kingdom Hearts III are here and it looks like we have another new world coming to Kingdom Hearts III

It looks like we all received an extra treat over the holidays here as we had a few more ‘leaked’ images for Kingdom Hearts III crop up on the internet and in this case, they show off a potential new world we are going to be exploring. I state potential as this is nothing that Square Enix has officially put out there and there is a slight chance that these could be faked, but they still look like the real deal if you ask me. Given that Kingdom Hearts III is still slated to hit the PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2018, there is still plenty of time for the team to show off more potential worlds so if true I think we will get a solid confirmation at some point. For now, we have these new images from a development build of the game as it all looks.

I have been very lacking on any description of the world that we could be seeing here for Kingdom Hearts III as some of you may still want to be surprised when you first play the game. Consider all of this to be your spoiler warning if you wanted to be surprised by any of the specific worlds coming to the game. So skip right along now if you do not want to have any of that spoiled. If you want to see just what we may be getting here, then keep on reading. We will now give a slight pause before we show off the next possible world coming to Kingdom Hearts III.




Here we go…

If all of this pans out is not a fake, it looks like Monsters, Inc. is going to be the next big world in Kingdom Hearts III. We can see Mike, Sulley, and Boo all wandering around in the game here. Not only that, but it looks like we also have the titular company’s building that we will be running around in as well. Given that these look to be ‘leaked’ development screen grabs, this all may change or be nothing for the final game, but it looks like Square Enix is working on it at the least. That is of course if all of this is not a very elaborate fake that someone dropped out there for fun. Doubtful as it looks like a solid part of Kingdom Hearts III, but still possible in the world today.

What are your feelings on this new world for Kingdom Hearts III that we may be getting here? Do you think we are going to get even more of the Pixar IPs mixed in here if this is all true? How do you think that cast of Monsters, Inc. will play in the overall game and do you think that Boo will be used or just there for fluff? Let us all know down in the comments below and then discuss. As we learn more of anything for Kingdom Hearts III, so will you. As long as you stick around on the site and keep looking in from time to time.

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