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Quantum Break Will Prove Time Is Power Next April

Quantum Break Will Prove Time Is Power Next April

Quantum Break

New Quantum Break gameplay footage was shown off at Gamescom as well as a release date for when we can expect Quantum Break to hit the Xbox One

We finally got what we have all been promised and that is more footage of Quantum Break right from Gamescom this year. During the Microsoft press event the team from Remedy Games not only showed a new trailer but also showed another good chunk of Quantum Break gameplay as well as showing us the level of star power that the developer and publisher were able to get on board for Quantum Break. I am sure you’ll see quite a few familiar faces in the videos below at least if you are a fan of anything in the geek/nerd genre of culture. I mean if you are getting excited for Quantum Break on the Xbox One then you will most likely know all of the faces here.

Sadly though not much else was really shown or explained for Quantum Break during the press event which has me a bit concerned. The only other big detail we had for Quantum Break besides the star power they are paying for is the fact that it is slated to release on April 5th of 2016. Yea we have a release date but what has obviously changed for Quantum Break since the delay? Was it all just a way to make sure you could land these voice and motion capture actors for the game? I am a bit lost and wish to have these questions answered. Maybe Remedy Games will do just that once Gamescom officially gets into swing tomorrow or in the coming months?

Anyways, here is a look at the trailer for Quantum Break showing how Time Is Power. I have a feeling that Microsoft is going to milk the whole time travel thing in Quantum Break will silly phrases until it releases next year so strap in and hold on for that. Enjoy.

Quantum Break — Time Is Power

Look at all those stars that have now been crammed into Quantum Break. Nothing helps sell a game like having people that we gamers watch act out roles in things we watch when we want to take a break from gaming thrown into the mix of our games. Especially when it is more than just a voice and their full on likeness as we can see in Quantum Break here. I just hope we are not going to be sacrificing gameplay for famous faces here. Speaking of gameplay, if you go just a bit lower, which you most likely have done already, you can see what was shown during the Microsoft event in terms of new gameplay. It really is just the same stuff we’ve seen already just with different character models and environments.

Have a look at the “new” Quantum Break gameplay for yourself.

Quantum Break — Gamescom 2015 Gameplay Demo

Was it everything you were hoping for or did the new stuff for Quantum Break kind of leave you flat and wanting like it did for me? Does it seem like Remedy Games is making a few off the wall choices just to help sell the game to fund future projects or is this what the team wanted to do in the first place? Head down to those comments and discuss. As we still have almost another year before Quantum Break releases we can expect all kinds of updates for the game so keep it here as we will share them all as soon as Microsoft gives out the details to share.

Quantum Break

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