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Review — Batman: The Telltale Series — New World Order

Review — Batman: The Telltale Series — New World Order

Batman: The Telltale Series

We sit down and review Batman: The Telltale Series — New World Order. This is the third episode of Telltale’s take on the Batman franchise. Here’s our review on how they did

So far each episode of Batman: The Telltale Series has been something insane and exciting. At least the first two have been and now here we have the third episode in the mix. Usually at this point in a season we are in for something truly over the top from Telltale Games in terms of the story. At least that is how their stories usually go and it looks like Batman here should be going along the same path. Thankfully we had a chance to give this episode a whirl and now we are here to tell you how we think they did. Here’s our latest review for Batman: The Telltale Series.


Things are not going so well for the Wayne family. Well, more Bruce as he is still dealing with the fallout of the huge reveal about their history and legacy. Things also aren’t going so well for Batman as well as he is still trying to juggle what is right for Gotham as well as make sure those he cares about don’t get hurt in any way. But it looks like the gloves are truly coming off as the Children of Arkham ramp up their plan and set poised to completely destroy the Wayne name and most likely Gotham in its path. Can Bruce and Batman keep things under control in their respective ways?


While this episode was filled with some great story and other items, see more below, there were very few instances where it felt like my choices actually mattered in this episode even though they were presented as major choices to be made. Case in point would be the first choice where we have to save one character or another while dressed as Batman. This was something that usually would have some great form of effect on everything but it really didn’t. At least not as of yet but in the long run I really don’t see how it could. Then you have other choices that still resulted in the same outcome no matter what. I’m not talking like a minor phrase choice in a dialog tree but a choice where you are clearly presented with only these two options and nothing else. Before now it had impact but some of these are starting to feel like they are only there to remind us we are playing a game and not watching a cartoon.


While a good portion of this episode’s story didn’t feel like it was going to have any weight to the overall Batman story here, that doesn’t detract that I think Telltale Games gave us one of their best bits of story to date here. There is an even larger deviation from the normal Batman cannon here and it is worked in so well that my jaw gaped open when it happened. Not because of how “out of left field” it was but because how it could truly have worked out in the grander scheme of the main franchise and not be something here just for shock value. This is all something I felt that the team had become lacking in with one of their most recent IPs but here in Batman it looks like they are coming right back into the top-notch work we all know from them.

On top of some the best story telling yet for Batman: The Telltale Series there were also some of the best visuals mixed into everything. I’m not talking in terms of graphics and photo-realism that many other games bank on, but I’m talking about shots that can easily claim the fame of iconic Batman action shots. One in particular when confronting the “big bad” of the season sticks out in my mind and it is something that had yet to show up in the game. I was so impressed with all of this and it looks like Telltale thought the same thing as they chose to slow down the scene at that very scene to emphasize the shot. I truly hope to see more like this in the next two episodes of the franchise and I not have this be a onetime thing. When you see it you’ll know what I am talking about.


Now that we are three episodes in I feel secure enough to say that based on this one episode of Batman that if you have not given the game a chance just yet you really need to. The story and visuals are amazing and any fan of the character or characters in the franchise can appreciate what is being built here. Yes it does feel like the choices are nothing more than a game reminder, especially here, but that is quickly overshadowed by all of the other great things added in. Go and pick up this episode and the rest if you have not yet. The only excuse I can truly see as viable anymore is if you are planning on waiting to give the whole season a play in one shot and not have to wait. Other than that, you need to have Batman: The Telltale Series right now.

I give Batman: The Telltale Series — New World Order 4 Crazy Twists on the Crazy Twist scale.

Batman: The Telltale Series — New World Order

Batman: The Telltale Series — New World Order was developed by Telltale Games. Batman: The Telltale Series — New World Order was published by Telltale Games for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on October 25th 2016. A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes.

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