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S.O.N Has Some New Areas To Look At As We Wait A Bit More

S.O.N Has Some New Areas To Look At As We Wait A Bit More


A new teaser for S.O.N was released to show off new and old areas for S.O.N as we wait for an official release date to come

One more teaser for S.O.N is here again to keep us waiting just a bit longer for the game. Originally it was slated to release back on December 11th, but RedG Studios had to delay it until some still undefined time. It seems the nature of the beast here and I suspect it will make for a better game. That is at least the hope. Given the new teaser for S.O.N, which still lists it as coming soon, we have a look at some of the areas we will see in the game. Some new and some updated with more in the scene from what we have seen in past trailers. All leading to more excitement and wanting the game to finally land.

The new footage for S.O.N here does not show off any actual gameplay but walkthroughs or fly byes for the scenes. It does look to offer up a few more clues into what the main plot of the game could be. Outside of the protagonist heading to Pennsylvania to find his missing son. Some of the new imagery and elements mixed in do seem to point to a scorned lover or guilt that the protagonist could be having. Maybe this will be one of the larger themes in S.O.N or maybe it will just be some nice new things to mess with our heads. Either way, we have more to look at as the “Coming Soon” still looms off in the distance for the game.

S.O.N — New Areas

Thank you for an amazing year and contributing to it! Here is a snippet of what is to come!

How are you feeling about S.O.N after having this small little update here? Do you think that this was part of the reason for the delay and we will see more added to the areas now? Is this all linked to the overall story of the game and will we have to find the son through supernatural or mundane methods? Give all of your thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As S.O.N is updated, you will be updated. Keep coming back here to see all of that as we wait for the release.

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