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Sentris Is Making The Move Over To The PS4


Sentris, a weird rhythm/music game with a puzzle element, is making its way over to the PS4 from Steam

When we hear about rhythm games we generally will fall back to Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or Amplitude. What I have here to show and talk about is another rhythm game that adds a bit of a puzzle element into the mix and it is called Sentris. Some of you may have heard about this title as it has released on the Steam service already. The news here though is that Sentris is now coming to the PS4 so even more of us budding musicians can play and try to create some new and interesting music. Not to mention some really tranquil looking backdrops to let everything play out.

This news comes from the PlayStation Blog where the creator of Sentris goes into more detail about why she created Sentris and the hurdles that had to be jumped to get the game onto the console. I have an old trailer here to show you what the gameplay of Sentris looks like and how the music will play out once we get the game over to the PS4. Have a look at what we musicians can experience with Sentris.

Sentris — Gameplay

As of right now there is no other news on when Sentris will be releasing on the PS4 or if there will be any other additions just for the console. Outside of adding the native streaming and recording capabilities from the PS4 I don’t think there really needs to be much else added to Sentris at this state. It has the core game mode. It has the Performance mode. It also has a “Remix Mode” that blends the performance mode with more puzzles. All of that and it lets us create music via a game. That is what has caught my attention more than anything. This is something that I don’t believe even the upcoming Amplitude has bundled in.

If you too are interested in Sentris you can keep an eye on the Developer’s Blog for updates. Or you can check back here as I will update more as I find out more on the PS4 release of Sentris. Until then let me know what you think down in the comments.


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