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Spider-Man’s Combat Works A Bit Different Than Many Of Us Have Thought

Spider-Man’s Combat Works A Bit Different Than Many Of Us Have Thought


New gameplay for Spider-Man is here and it shows us a little more on how the combat system in Spider-Man will play out and work

It is time to blow some of those preconceived notions on how the combat in Spider-Man is actually going to play out and handle. Way back when the game was first announced and shown off, it looks like a very tried and true method to combat was something that Insomniac Games was going to use. More or less, it looks a lot like the way it all worked in the Arkham titles, which all were really solid gameplay mechanics. While it may have looked that way, we are here to tell you that it is not going to be that way exactly for Spider-Man as he is obviously a different kind of fighter and uses many other things to his benefit in a fight. Even if it is still a bit close to a great system, it looks like it could be perfected further in this game.

As it turns out, Spider-Man will be a little more agile and less counter-based in terms of fighting. We will be seeing more in terms of combos to pull off that can and will have a whole lot of variation that we can explore and use. As you can see in the below video, different timing and sets of button presses will do a variety of things and they can be linked together to bring about vastly different results. While I would not say that the combinations are endless, it truly looks like Insomniac has given us enough options to feel that way and to make this our hero at the end of the day. He is a seasoned fighter at this point in his life so it makes sense that he knows how to use everything around him to his advantage.

In addition to the combat for Spider-Man, there is also some talk about the gadgets we will have to use in the game. Something that will be both available in and out of combat with different results depending on use. Like the tripwire gadget that can be placed to snag unwitting guards and bind them to walls. During combat, you can pull up the gadget wheel and then use it on a foe who will pull the closest person or thing to them and do some extra damage. Or the web bomb that can be tossed out to distract and bind enemies so Spider-Man can move in and make quick work of them all. Already it sounds like some improvements over the other game’s system that many thought was at play here in the game. Excitement is further building…

Spider-Man — How Combat Works

Creative Director Bryan Intihar goes deep on some of the moves, abilities and gadgets Spider-Man will use to get the edge on his opponents, as well as the philosophy behind the sense of experimentation and improvisation Insomniac Games wants players to feel when the game launches September 7th.

What are your thoughts on Spider-Man‘s combat system now that we have further details? Do you think it will still boil down to just pressing Square a bunch of times or will you get to have that free flow feeling that the team is aiming for? What other gadgets do you hope to see in the game and how would they blend into the combat system if they could? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Spider-Man, just keep coming back here as we are rounding it all up for you. You will not want to miss out on a single tidbit of information.

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