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Succubus Shows Off More Of Its Tail End

Succubus Shows Off More Of Its Tail End


New screenshots for Succubus are here to entice us all and give a better look at just what Succubus is going to offer us all

It has been a good while since we had something new for Succubus and here we are again. Nothing in the way of the weird social media push that Madmind Studio was going for with the titular character being an Instagram model, but in the way of new images from the game itself. Screenshot from Succubus and not the game that it is spinning off from. Something we saw in the past when it was first announced, but now we are heading into all of the new territory for the game and have a way to see more of Vydija than we could have expected. Still in a non-PG kind of way for those at work still.

All in all, it does not look like more than the Succubus posing again, but it does give us a taste for how the game’s world is shaping up. It is looking a little more visually appealing than Agony did. Something that makes perfect sense as the team has been building off of that to give us Succubus. It sadly does not give us all a good feel for just what will be going on in the game in terms of actual play. It will most likely be the same that we knew before, but with a different outlook on the Hell we are in. Take in the new visuals and see what you can see. Just one more note that they are not mostly safe for work.

Madmind Studio is thrilled to present you a few of brand new screenshots from upcoming Agony Spin-off: Succubus – a first-person action horror which takes place entirely in Hell. Succubus continues the story plot known from Agony, depicting the whole story from the perspective of a brutal demon of lust – Vydija, who enjoys hunting and brutal mutilation of her victims.

You are the Succubus – a wild and lustful demon who rejected the role of the queen of the infernal abyss. With the disappearance of the legitimate rulers of Hell, the remaining demons recognized Nimrod as their ruler, because he was the only soul who could dominate the mind of the mighty Beast. By raising his new empire from the corpses of sinners, the new king, along with his new queen – you – managed to control the chaos left by former rulers. The life of luxury and walking on rugs sewn from the skins of martyrs was not for you though, and so you have chosen a life in the wilderness. By satisfying your appetites and original instincts, you inflict pain by hurting everyone and everything in your path.

The moment you meet the powerful Baphomet who, together with his army, is going to get the soul of Nimrod, you are captured and maimed. Betrayed by your own species you are left with only one goal that matters – revenge!

Do these get you excited to play Succubus or do you think it is going to go down the same way that it did for Agony? Did you find it weird that there was that “influencer” style of push not that long ago or does it all make sense for the team and the game moving forward? Can you see the game playing differently than before or will it all just be the same with a different story to follow? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have more for Succubus, it will be on the site. Keep digging your way back in here to see all of that and much more for the world of video games.

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