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Take A Sprint Behind The Scenes Of World War Z

Take A Sprint Behind The Scenes Of World War Z

World War Z

A new developer diary for World War Z is here to show us the various facets of the game and just where inspiration from the World War Z was used

There is still a month from the launch of World War Z so we have a whole lot of time to see more for the game. That is not to say that we have not already as Saber Interactive has placed a whole lot of footage out there already and there does not seem to be much of a change from place to place. It is just how this game is designed as World War Z is relying on the replay factor of each randomly generated swarm AI to keep things feeling fresh. Almost like playing a PvP game of sorts. That is at least the sounds of things when we are not trying to hammer our way through the story missions and mode of the game.

Well, to drive it all home even more, we have a new developer diary for World War Z that goes into all of this just a bit more. We also get to see a bit more of the gameplay, but as it is still about the same basic thing from level to level there is not much to truly go on as new. That is not to say that I am not excited for World War Z, as it did capture my attention and got me all hyped back when I saw it almost a year ago at E3. Even if the game loop is about the same each time, it does play out differently each time and that is not just based on the different players you team up with. That is always a huge game changer.

World War Z — Dev Diary

Join us as we explore the team’s inspiration behind World War Z in our Dev Diary, and hear them talk about what makes this game truly special!

Did you learn any more about World War Z that you did not know about already? Are you still amped for the game here or has the wait kept you a little more reserved for it all? Do you see each game being truly different each time or will it still feel about the same no matter whom you are playing within the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on World War Z, keep your browser locked to the site here. We know there will be more over the next month and we will certainly have it all here for you.

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