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The Cast Of Detroit: Become Human Offers Up A Bit More Insight Into The Game

The Cast Of Detroit: Become Human Offers Up A Bit More Insight Into The Game

Detroit: Become Human

New cast interviews for Detroit: Become Human are out there and it gives us yet another look at how they all made the world of Detroit: Become Human come to life

As we get closer to Detroit: Become Human hitting the PS4, we get more to look at and know for the game. This time it is not so much as from Quantic Dream on what we get but more from the cast of the game. The people who put their likeness and acting chops in there so we can all experience the life-like qualities that Detroit: Become Human can bring. At least if it ends up like anything the studio has brought before. I am sure they will, but there will always be that level of doubt until we get to experience on our own this May the 25th. At least that is how I like to roll.

To be honest here, there is not much divulged in way of gameplay or specifics in Detroit: Become Human unless you are looking for more on how it was made and a small look at a few other characters. The biggest boon we get with this latest video is that we get to see how close the actors are to the characters that they are portraying. All of whom look exactly spot on for it all and look to bring some heavy performances. This does what it was intended to do though, even if there is not much new in terms of gameplay, but it gets those hype levels for Detroit: Become Human back up and running even in the time of all of those other big game releases coming.

Detroit: Become Human — Cast Interview

Peer through the looking glass and meet the humans behind the androids.

How are you feeling about Detroit: Become Human now that you have seen what the cast is bringing to the table? Do you think that there will be some liberties taken with likenesses of others or will Quantic Dream keep the realism for each with little cosmetic changes throughout? Does this get your hype levels back up for the game or will time only tell as we have over a month left to wait? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Detroit: Become Human, be sure to stick close to the site here. We will keep all of the big and minor updates flowing out to you and you will want to be on top of all of them.

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