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The Fight For Survival Begins With Extinction’s New Story Trailer

The Fight For Survival Begins With Extinction’s New Story Trailer


A new story trailer for Extinction has just dropped and gives us all a better look at humanity, the heroes, and Ravenii within Extinction

April 10th is fast approaching and we are all getting ready to jump into the world of Extinction. I know I am have been ready for some time now. Just in time to get us all pumped up a bit more for the game, Iron Galaxy has pumped out a new story trailer to give us a bit of the lore of what is going on in the game. Most of which done using, what I am assuming is the cut scene style of Extinction, in an animated form of video. A style I have been behind since I first saw that they were using it to push the game’s story forward. In game scenes would have been cool, but this definitely fits the game’s look and feel so far.

In terms of story, we all know the basics of getting to play a Sentinel as he tried to save the world from these giant ogres or Ravenii as they are called. This trailer puts the story focus more from the eyes of the general populace though as it looks like more and more of the humans are slaves for some reason and something is bringing the Ravenii back. Before now, it was just thought that they were coming back for their own reasons, but now it seems like there is something driving that return. My guess is a megalomaniac human whom wants to use the Ravenii for their own use, but that is me just speculating on the new bits of information we have from the new story trailer.

Have a look at the latest trailer for Extinction just below and then get ready for the next month to hopefully fly by. Then get ready to play Extinction on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 10th. Iron Galaxy is truly locked into that date now so do not expect it to be delayed at all.

Extinction — Story Trailer

Legends have told of an elite group of warriors known as Sentinels, the only humans capable of defeating the dreadful giant beasts called Ravenii. Eventually, these legends faded to myth and were only spoken about in children’s fairy tales. As time went on, people no longer warred against monsters but instead turned to battling one another.

Now the unthinkable has occurred: the Ravenii have returned to this land through strange, arcane portals, with bloodthirsty new allies trailing in their wake. Avil, the last of the ancient order – and the hero you will play – must use everything in his arsenal to slow the oncoming storm and rescue as many people as possible in the land of Dolorum.

Dolorum is besieged on all fronts and Extinction‘s campaign tells the story of the Ravenii’s relentless march through the country. Avil and his ally, Xandra, have to work together with King Yarrow to try and stem the tide. Meanwhile, humanity is making one last-ditch effort to understand the Ravenii and to make the alien technology their own. Failure here means the end of everything.

What do you think of the story of Extinction as it has expanded now? Do you think that there is a bigger reason for the return of the Ravenii and Sentinels or will it just be part of the game and we need to accept it? What do you think about the animation style cut scenes we will have to push the story forward or were you hoping to have more in-game scenes for all of that? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we get more for Extinction, we will have it up on the site here. Just keep coming back to see it all so you are not let down before the game launches.

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