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The Forgotten City Is Heading To The Xbox One Now

The Forgotten City Is Heading To The Xbox One Now

The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City is no longer a PC only title, as it looks like Xbox fans will also be able to enjoy The Forgotten City this year

If you felt like you were being left out of The Forgotten City‘s release, as it was only shown for PC back at E3, then you will be glad to know it is branching out to the Xbox One at the same time. That time is still late in this year, but Modern Storyteller is poised to bring the game to the platform as well now. Not the largest of surprises given that The Forgotten City is based on a mod for a massively popular title on the systems and many would like to have options when playing these things. I mean, it all stands to reason even if it looks like others will be left in the lurch for now.

Granted, this may be the first you are hearing about The Forgotten City if you were not one of the two million people who picked up the mod before, so it is worth a recap. It all started as a mod for Skyrim, then after willing a few awards, the team opted to make it its own thing. Building off the story that won the awards and giving us a time loop murder mystery to solve where we will be trapped with others in a mythological paradise where one person’s misstep could snuff out the lives of everyone. I hope that one of the multiple endings for The Forgotten City gives us a “they all escape” kind of option…

The Forgotten City — Coming To Xbox One & PC In Late 2019

The Forgotten City, a time loop murder mystery from Modern Storyteller, will come to Xbox One alongside the previously-announced PC release in late 2019. A demo will be available at PAX East in Boston from March 28-31 at booth 13121.

This re-imagining of the award-winning mod with more than 2 million downloads across PC and Xbox will take everything to the next level. The Forgotten City offers a gorgeous ancient Roman city to explore, rendered with Unreal Engine 4. The redesigned metropolis is populated by new and fan-favorite characters, brought to life with professional voice acting and facial motion capture animations. New twists, endings and a glorious orchestral score complete the revitalized experience.

Something supernatural lurks in the underground ruins of an ancient Roman city. Amidst the crumbling architecture lies a portal leading an unsuspecting adventurer back in time to join 26 trapped explorers on their last day alive. Life in this mythological paradise may seem idyllic, but a set of strict laws must be followed by every citizen, for if any one of them breaks a single rule, all of their lives will be snuffed out by an unknown force which turns them to gold.

Cleverly exploit a time loop in the style of Russian Doll/Groundhog Day by interrogating diverse residents, gathering their secrets and putting together the pieces of a giant interpersonal puzzle. Staying one step ahead of fate, solve an ancient mystery to avert disaster and re-write history. The Forgotten City offers incredible freedom, rewarding only the savviest adventurers for making tough moral decisions, and thinking laterally with the best of all possible endings.

Explore issues that challenge our conception of morality including moral relativism, extremism, collective punishment, and the psychosocial effects of mass surveillance.

Was there ever any doubt that The Forgotten City was going to make the leap to the Xbox One or is this surprising news to you? How well do you think this will all play out and could it lead to PS4 gamers having a chance to enjoy it all? How many different endings do you think we are going to get in the game and will they truly be different? Let us all know down in the comments and feel free to discuss. If we have more for The Forgotten City, it will be up on the site. Just be sure to keep checking back in so you do not miss out on a single update.

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