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The Leviathan Has Arisen From The Depths of Final Fantasy XV

The Leviathan Has Arisen From The Depths of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

More screenshots for Final Fantasy XV have been released and we get to see more summons and characters for Final Fantasy XV just before launch

The days are counting down faster and faster until we will get to play Final Fantasy XV on our PS4 and/or Xbox One and it looks like we are still getting more and more for the game before launch. Some may say that Square Enix is showing off too much of the game before November 29th but I personally see it as a testament to how large the game will be in the end. Or just how little we’ve actually seen of Final Fantasy XV leading up to now and that we’ve been mostly seeing recycled footage and images up until now. Either way I know I’m happy to keep getting more to look at for the game as we get ever closer to release. That could be me though.

As it turns out, we have a new look at the Leviathan summon for the game and a few more on the characters we will soon be getting to know. That and it looks like each of the characters will also have their specific strengths that we will get to play with in Final Fantasy XV. Things like Noctis fishes, Prompto takes photos, Ignis cooks, and Gladiolus finds additional items for you after battles. Things we’ve seen before but until now it could have been assumed that all of them could have been able to do just this. The more you know I guess. Now you know just another new thing to it all.

Of course there is a lot more to look and see here for Final Fantasy XV but those would be the bigger points to be seen. Well that and the fact that we will have guest characters joining the team for a little bit and each will bring their own extra flair to it all. Like Iris Amicitia who will be able to counter-attack with a giant Moogle plush doll. Just another way that they will get mixed into the game by Square Enix and it’s a good thing.

  • Classic FF summon Leviathan returns. Leviathan appears from underwater and bites and chews on enemies to hurt them.
  • Each of the main cast has a special ability that levels up as you play. Noctis fishes, Prompto takes photos, Ignis cooks and Gladiolus finds additional items for you after battles.
  • Guest characters join the party. Cor Leonis uses his massive strength and skill in battle to help you out. Iris Amicitia counter-attacks enemies with a Moogle plush when Noctis parries attacks while she’s around.

Again I need to ask, are you fully ready for Final Fantasy XV to finally be coming here or is there still more you need to know? Were you under the impression that we would be having Noctis do all of the menial tasks in the game or does it make sense each has their own strength? How many more summons do you think there will be in the game when it launches? Let us know all of your thoughts on this and discuss in the comments below. For more on Final Fantasy XV as it comes though, be sure to stay right here as we’ll keep bringing you everything that we can as it is announced.

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