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The Mythologies Of God Of War Look To Be Ever Expanding

The Mythologies Of God Of War Look To Be Ever Expanding

God Of War

More interviews with the heads behind God Of War have released and they give us a feel for when we will get God Of War as well as where it could be going

Even more for God Of War has been pumped out this week as we get more of the segmented interviews from Game Informer with the people in charge over at Santa Monica Studio. Sadly, there is still no solid release date for the game yet, but it does sound like it is shaping up to be another huge title for the PS4 when all is said and done. Not only that but in the latest video here it sounds like there are already the tidbits of ideas on how to keep God Of War going on perpetually as long as we keep paying for them. Just as with any video game, it all still boils down to the money and if it will turn another profit instead of just putting huge smiles on the faces of some of the gamers out there.

Anyways, in one of the latest videos for God Of War here we have a look at how the mythology of the franchise has expanded into the new Norse world and just what it will be bringing with it. It may sound off at first, but it looks like more levity is one of the aspects the team is looking to bring. Not that they are turning the game into a comedic style game, but that they can touch on some of the softy and more light-hearted themes the original God Of War titles just could not. It is fitting with the shift in mythologies as well. If you have not already, actually read up on some of the Norse myths out there and try not to see some of the humor that can be pulled from them while still trying to tackle some serious content.

It is also interesting to learn why God Of War took the Norse path instead of another like, say, Egyptian. According to the interview here, back when Santa Monica Studio was starting up pre-production for this game it came down to a choice between Norse and Egyptian. One of the final things that pushed it toward the Norse was the fact that the new Assassin’s Creed was rumored, at the time, to be going to an Egyptian setting and they did not want to follow down the same path. Imagine how awkward that could have been if there was no rumor before production started or said rumor was to throw everyone off instead of claiming AC was going Norse too. Interesting things to ponder for certain.

God Of War — Expanding The Mythology

In this exclusive Game Informer video, God Of War creative director Cory Barlog and Sony Santa Monica Studio head Shannon Studstill talk about Kratos leaving Greek mythology, why they chose Scandinavia, and how the larger world now connects all mythologies (including Egyptian) into one timeline.

All of the above is nice, of course, but none of it truly informs us of when God Of War is going to be coming to our gaming shelves out there. Still, at this time, there is still no solid release date set and only rumors based on retailer listings. March 23rd seems to be popular, but so does June 30th. Neither of which are confirmed, but the next interview segment we have here does touch on the subject a bit. It is mentioned below that there are in the final period of development on God Of War and have only little more to do. Given the time it would take to process and edit these videos, we can start to assume that it could be wrapping in the next month or two. This could bring us back to the normal March release for God Of War, but also give little time to run a solid marketing campaign. As if it needs it though.

There are other things touched on in this video here, but more or less, it sounds like God Of War is about to wrap up back when this was all recorded. I originally assumed that at the end of the Game Informer exclusive month we would hear a solid release date to top it all off. I am almost certain that will be the case as we still have a few more weeks to go and things could align just perfectly it the case. I guess we will know when we know though…

God Of War — On Finally Finishing The Game

While the team at Santa Monica Studio remains silent on the exact release date, we spoke with creative director Cory Barlog and studio head Shannon Studstill about how much is left to accomplish before the game hits store shelves.

Are you surprised by the thought that God Of War could have been a different title if it were not for Ubisoft’s leaks? Does the idea of having Kratos move through each mythology as they “pop up” appeal to you or will it get played out fast? When do you think that we will finally see the game launch on the PS4? Give us all of those thoughts and more down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we find out more for God Of War, we will bring it all to you here. Keep checking back in to stay as up to date as possible on it all.

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