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The PlayStation Experience Is Making The Rounds Again This Year With Another New Location

The PlayStation Experience Is Making The Rounds Again This Year With Another New Location

The PlayStation Experience registration site has been updated and show dates for 2016 and a new location the PlayStation Experience too

Just like last year, if you were wondering if the PlayStation Experience was coming back for another romp this year then you can rest assured as it is announced as of right now. Last year we caught wind of it all a bit earlier on but now it looks like they have been holding out a bit longer as it looks like the dates and location for this year’s event have shown up on the event’s website. As it all looks, the PlayStation Experience for this year will be on December 3rd and 4th at the at Anaheim Convention Center, California. Yep, another new location but still on the west coast.

Sadly, at the time of this writing there isn’t much more to divulge for this year’s PlayStation Experience but I’m going to guess that it is going to have all of the same bells and whistles that we saw in both the previous years. That being developer panels and a huge showcase of all of the new games coming soon or in the next few years. That is of course if they don’t want to completely change the format on us after having, what can be assumed, two great experiences in the past. I mean, they wouldn’t keep doing it if it didn’t bring in a load of money right?

PlayStation Experience — 2016

I’m going to go on a limb here and say that PlayStation VR will be an even larger thing at this year’s event given that it will be out to the public for just over a month and we’ll be leading into the Holiday season so they’ll want to try and sell more. It has been huge in the last two years but this one could prove to be the biggest because it is new. I’m also going to guess that this will be where we get more on God Of War and a few other titles that are still in the works as it would make for a great place to show it all off since the announcement at E3. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Are you glad to see that the PlayStation Experience is going to be a thing again this year? What do you think will be shown at this year’s event when/if it officially goes down? Do you think that it will leave the west coast for a huge thing on the east or middle of the country sometime soon? Let us know your thoughts and discuss down in the comments. As more on the PlayStation Experience comes out we’ll have it here for you. Be sure to stick around here and be on the lookout for all of that in short order…hopefully…

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