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The Slaughter Tribe Is Ready To Feast In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

The Slaughter Tribe Is Ready To Feast In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

The Slaughter Tribe for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War is here to join in the fight and you can get a taste of what they will add to Shadow Of War here

Yesterday we all caught wind of the new and free updates coming to Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War today (11/21/17). All of that should be rolling out there as soon as the respective stores for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC get all of those things updated for us. We would be remiss though if we left out the other DLC that Monolith Productions has for us here with the addition of the Slaughter Tribe into the mix of it all. This is paid DLC for Shadow Of War, so it may not resonate with all of you out there, but it is one more tribe that will be mixed into the Nemesis System for us and needs to be shown off. At least for those with a strong stomach and such.

This tribe of Orcs looks to be one that not only relies on savage combat, but also on the slicing, dicing, and feasting of flesh from their fallen foes. More or less background noise and filler for Shadow Of War, but as we will get to go through some of the new fortresses and such we will get to see all of these horrors going on as we kill or convert them all. However, you are playing Shadow Of War at least. Nonetheless, they are out there now if you paid for them and you can get a peek at just how they will act in the following trailer. Pretty much how I described though…

Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War — Slaughter Tribe

The time has come for Slaughter to sweep Mordor! The Slaughter Tribe Nemesis Expansion is available now for Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Expansion Pass owners as well as individual purchase.

How do you feel about this new tribe coming into Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War here? Will it all be more fluff but the same Orc fights or will there be something new to it all to fit the new tribe you just paid for? Will you be going in to kill them all or will you be trying to convert as many over to your side as possible? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War, as we have said, be sure to stick around here. We will keep all of these updates coming so you know what you are going to be getting yourself into.

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