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The Villains Of Dissidia Final Fantasy Are Coming Out In Force

The Villains Of Dissidia Final Fantasy Are Coming Out In Force

Dissidia Final Fantasy

We have a new trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy that shows off all of the villains from past Final Fantasy titles that will be in the mix again

It looks like another great trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy has been unleashed out there and this time it is a showcasing of the various villains from the franchise’s past that will be showing up in the final version of the game. It seems to have slipped out there in the mix of all of the holiday fun, but Square Enix wanted to make sure that we all had a chance to see if our favorites will be in there. Of course, Sephiroth will be in there but also one of the best, Kefka from Final Fantasy VI will be showing up and doing what he does best. There are also a whole lot of others ranging from the original game that kicked it all off to FFX. I am sure there will be more, but that is how it is for now until it drops on the PS4 January 30th.

If that date is still too far out for you, Dissidia Final Fantasy will be having an open beta from January 12th to the 21st so we can have a small chance to see how it all plays before the launch. Details on all of that are still a bit few and far between, but it is coming and it does not sound like there will be any restrictions as to how to gain access to it. Maybe it will be a PS Plus only thing, but that would take away the whole “Open Beta” name from it all. My guess is that it will be limited characters and maps as most of these fighting game betas usually go. I could be wrong, but it is most likely a safe bet to go with this. Either way, have a look at all the “bad guys” we will be seeing in Dissidia Final Fantasy here soon.

Dissidia Final Fantasy — Heresy Warriors

Did you see one of your favorite villains in Dissidia Final Fantasy here? Which one was it and from which title in the overall franchise? Were you hoping to see a different set of “bad guys” here and if so, whom else were you hoping to get to fight and play as in the final game? Give us those thoughts and comments down in the section below. We will keep bringing you all of the updates that we can for Dissidia Final Fantasy so be sure to stick around on the site here. We are only a month out from launch so I expect we will have a lot more in due time.

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