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There Are Many Different Ways To Tackle Outposts In Nightmarchers

There Are Many Different Ways To Tackle Outposts In Nightmarchers


As with other open-world games, Nightmarchers will allow for many deviations on how to takedown or over outposts in the game

It should come as no surprise that as Nightmarchers is an open-world title coming to the PC that we will get many different ways to attack and tackle different missions and events. Things like Outposts of enemies as well as many different enemy types. It should be a given by now and a given that Wyrmbyte is going to embrace it in the game. They would be fools not to in my opinion. I guess that is why we are here now to look at a new bit of gameplay for Nightmarchers that shows off the usual stealth or guns-a-blazing methods we gamers love to take when diving into missions like these. If anything, it is a bit more gameplay to get a look at this new version of Oahu we will be saving or destroying along the way.

Do not think that is all though for Nightmarchers as even though we should know we can use bushes for stealth and such to sneak in, it looks like what is being downplayed in the description here is that we have all kinds of mystical powers to aid us as well. That is also highlighted in this new trailer so we can also better figure out how to attack the bases and such. It looks like we will be getting some form a “spirit sight” to scan the area as well as mark targets to be seen later on. This is also something we can do when going into the bird form we have seen from before. At least as the video here explains before diving into all of the other more explosive ways to do all of it.

Nightmarchers — Outpost Variation

In this video we show off how to use different skills, weapons and techniques to capture a few of the early outposts in Nightmarchers.

At first glance, it does look like Nightmarchers is just copying over some elements from other titles out there and slapping on a new skin and map for it all. I will not lie that it had a lot of the Far Cry feeling or Assassin’s Creed feeling to going at all of this, but it does look like Wyrmbyte could have something truly impressive on their hands here. This is even pre-alpha footage we are seeing here so Nightmarchers could become something much grander if all of the funding for the game goes through. I know I am excited to see where all of this goes and cannot wait to get more. Hopefully soon.

What are your thoughts on Nightmarchers based on the latest video here? Do you think it looks like every other open-world game out there or do you think it can hold something unique at the end of the day? What other powers do you hope to see in the final game that we may not have seen just yet? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. As we get more for Nightmarchers, we will have it here for you. Just keep your browser locked in here on the site and you will not miss a single thing.

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