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There Is Always A Price When Embracing The Darkness Within For Vampyr

There Is Always A Price When Embracing The Darkness Within For Vampyr


A new trailer for Vampyr has been released and it lets us have a look at Vampyr’s story in a way that shows how the world is always changing with our actions

It seems like it is a bit out of place given the time right now, but none the less, we have a new trailer for Vampyr to gaze upon. This of course being the most recent title that Dontnod is cooking up for us. You know, the vampire one that takes place during the Spanish Flu epidemic. The one where we are a doctor during those times who has also been just recently turned Vampyr. The title where all of our choices and victims will dictate how the world changes and reacts to our presence and goings on. Hopefully that jogs your memory. If not, then Focus Home Interactive needs to cut us some more gameplay for the game to keep us all on the hook.

Anyways, we have a new trailer for Vampyr to look at here and it looks to delve a bit deeper into the story aspects and the suspicions that could be aroused in the game if we choose to go down certain paths. Seeing as our powers and longevity are based on killing all of the NPCs, all of whom have an impact on the game world, this could pose a few problems. That and the fact that we are playing as a renowned Doctor who is out of place can’t make things all too easy for us. It was also a time of suspicion and it looks like the trailer here is kind of hinting at that aspect as well. Have a look for yourself and be the judge though.

Vampyr — Darkness Within

Watch the dark new trailer showing one doctor’s duty to help the plague-infected people of London, while struggling with the desire to feed on them.

So again, not the most informative trailer for Vampyr to date but it does get the buzz still flowing out there I guess. It did show a few interesting visuals mixed in that I can’t be sure if the aftermath of a Vampyr attack or that of something completely different. There has to be some grander scheme out there that we will be building to after all. If not then this would be nothing more than a “do you murder” simulator with the supernatural only there to explain why it is generally okay and all. Although I do have to say that I love the doubts that get cast here on the protagonist just because he is an outsider even though he is there to help them.

What say you on this new video for Vampyr? Do you think that there will be some bigger, badder, creature out there that the mortals and hunters can’t handle and we will be forced to do so? Are you glad to see the xenophobia of the time also leer its ugly head right in even though someone is there to truly help them; at least at first? Let us know your thoughts on it all and discuss down in the comments. For all things Vampyr, be sure to stay locked in right here as we’ll keep you as updated as we can on the game.

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