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Things Are Getting Real In The World Of Far Cry 5

Things Are Getting Real In The World Of Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

We have a new Far Cry 5 live-action short to help get us into the world of Far Cry 5 and it is using some of the game’s voice actors in the mix as well

If you have been looking forward to the launch of Far Cry 5 on March 27th, then you are in for an extra treat as we have a new movie out here for the game. You know Ubisoft and their love of bringing live action version of their games to life, and now we have one specifically for Amazon. It is a short live action film for Far Cry 5, but it is more live action when most of us just want some solid gameplay to look at. Maybe that is only a small portion of the crowd out there though and this is something that the majority was looking for. I mean, there has to be some great demand for it as they do keep spending the money on it all year after year. Maybe I am just the minority here…

Anyways, it is here now and available for free for those with an Amazon Prime membership. It would be nice to see it included in all of the bundles of Far Cry 5 that we are buying, but no word on that just yet. I say this as the video here looks to go into more of the horror of the cult we will be facing off against in the game as some vloggers catch wind of said cult and do what they are known for. You know, heading out to investigate for views instead of handing it off to the proper people to handle it all. We would not have a video here if they did do that, but it is how it should be in the real world. Thankfully, Far Cry 5 is not set in the most real of worlds and now we have what looks to be a horror short to promote the game just before launch.

Far Cry 5 — Inside Eden’s Gate

Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate, a short film inspired by Far Cry 5, premieres March 5th on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the announce trailer and delve deeper into the Project at Eden’s Gate and its ruthless leader, Joseph Seed.

Set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, Inside Eden’s Gate will delve deeper into The Project at Eden’s Gate and its ruthless leader, Joseph Seed. The short film is produced in partnership with Asylum, an award-winning division of prolific feature film studio Legendary Entertainment. In Inside Eden’s Gate, rumors of a fanatical cult called The Project at Eden’s Gate lure three vloggers to the remote Hope County, Montana. As the vloggers follow the leads of missing locals and other strange events, they come face-to-face with Joseph Seed, played by the same actor as the in-game version of the cult leader, and the rest of the fanatical doomsday cult. Produced by Asylum Entertainment, Inside Eden’s Gate features Greg Bryk (A History of Violence) and Kyle Gallner (American Sniper).

If live action videos for video games are not your jam, thank you for sticking around as we have some more gameplay for Far Cry 5 out there from the recent previews Ubisoft has given to select outlets. We are not one of those outlets, but YouTube is a great thing and we have about twenty minutes more of the game here. It looks to follow the mission when you and crew are taking down a character called The Cook. If you want to stick clear of Far Cry 5 spoilers you may want to keep clear of the video, but I do not think it will spoil too much for us as of yet. Have a look just below for all of that fun though.

Far Cry 5 — Whitetail Mountains (Co-op)

How do you feel about the live action short video that we have for Far Cry 5 now? Do these videos or movie do anything to get you hyped up for the games they are for or are they really just a waste of money from the developers and publishers? Do you think that all of the lesser bosses in the game will have just the same level of creep to them as The Cook or will it only be select few? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more Far Cry 5, be sure to keep coming back here. We will keep it all coming to you as best we can and you will not want to miss a thing.

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