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You Bike Is Way More Than Transportation In Days Gone

You Bike Is Way More Than Transportation In Days Gone

Days Gone

New details for your bike in Days Gone are here and it looks like there is more to it in Days Gone than just transporting yourself around the world

I hope by now that you know that you will need to rely on your motorcycle in Days Gone for all kinds of things. The first being the main mode of transportation in the world, but it looks like there may be a bit more to it than that. I mean, Bend Studio is still having us rely on it to get around the game’s world but there are other things mixed in too. That is why we have the next video for Days Gone that dive right into all of that and the other aspects of it that we will need to worry about. All so we are ready for the game to come to the PS4 on April 26th here very soon.

The first thing to look at here for Days Gone is that we are going to need to worry about all aspects of the bike while out and about. Parts will break or wear down and need quick repairs out in the field. It will run out of gas and need refueling. All of which we can do while roaming around the wastes of Days Gone. All of which makes perfect sense and adds in an extra level of difficulty to the world and game. We cannot truly find issue with any of that but I do hope that it will not be a huge drag as in other games where you need to dedicate a third of the game to upkeep. No names thrown out there…

While it does sound like the bike in Days Gone could carry all kinds of issues to deal with, it does look like it will hold some other bonuses. Like the fact that it will let us fast travel once we clear out areas of Freakers and can house a lot of our gear as we upgrade. It looks like there will be more to customize with it too besides just the skins and aesthetics. It does not look like we will be able to go full Mad Max in Days Gone but hopefully these upgrades will do more than just make parts last longer and drive faster. Why would we not mount weapons to help out along the way?

Days Gone — Riding The Broken Road

The open world of Days Gone is dangerous and never stops coming for you. As long as you have your Drifter Bike though, you might just survive.

Did you learn more for the bike we will use in Days Gone than you knew before or was it all assumed? Do you think that we will be bogged down by fixing and upgrading our bike in the game or will it be balanced correctly to keep us engaged but not taxed? DO you think we will get some cool and crazy mounted weapons for the bike in the game or will we be limited as assumed here? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. When more for Days Gone lurks out there, we will have it all here. Just be sure to keep coming back in to check it all out.

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