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Hulk Is Smashing His Way Into Marvel’s Avengers Here

Hulk Is Smashing His Way Into Marvel’s Avengers Here

Marvel’s Avengers

The next character profile is here for Marvel’s Avengers and we have one more look at the Hulk and a few other extras coming for Marvel’s Avengers

We had Cap. last week and here we are back with the next character profile for Marvel’s Avengers. This time it is Hulk and we get to see just how this big green rage monster will be in the mix of things that Crystal Dynamics has for us. We know he is going to be massive and, well, hulking in the game and we just have one more taste of what his gameplay will look like in Marvel’s Avengers. Unlike the Cap. footage we had before, it does not look like we are going to have any little or big hints as to what is going on in terms of the story and everything. We can save all of that for May 15th I guess.

This is a short clip for Marvel’s Avengers so do not get too excited. It does, thankfully, show off another one of his skins or costumes we will get to play with in the game. Albeit we only get a small glimpse of it all, but it is something. Have a look at it all just below and see what else you might have missed for Marvel’s Avengers right now.

Marvel’s Avengers — Character Profile: The Hulk

Who’s next in our Marvel’s Avengers Hero Week lineup? None other than the green giant himself! The incredible, unstoppable…HULK!

In Marvel’s Avengers the world is Hulk’s for the smashing. Former Nuclear Physicist Bruce Banner trades his genius-level intellect for superhuman strength and durability whenever The Hulk is unleashed to fight alongside his fellow Avengers.

Since that was a bit on the short side for Marvel’s Avengers, we have a bit more to look at here. It is not much more gameplay to take in, but it is one more costume we will have in the game. This one is for Cap. again. The Secret Empire inspired suit. That would be the infamous “Hail Hydra” one that caused all kinds of issues online. It is not clear if it is going to be anything more than a cosmetic thing for Marvel’s Avengers or if it will have some kind of link to the story, but it is an interesting addition for us to take in. Have the short look just below and see what is going on.

Marvel’s Avengers — Captain America’s Secret Empire Outfit Reveal

Get a look at the alternate Secret Empire-inspired outfit from Marvel’s Avengers!

How are you feeling about the Hulk here for Marvel’s Avengers and did you expect anything different for him? Are you glad to see the new costumes for the characters here or would you have rather seen a bit more actual gameplay? Do you think that these will all be cosmetic or will they have some ties to the story of the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we get more for Marvel’s Avengers, we will add it all here. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more.

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