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The Walking Dead: The Final Season Will Be Over Soon With The Final Episode

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Will Be Over Soon With The Final Episode

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

We have a new trailer for The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s final episode bringing this saga of The Walking Dead to an end

In just under a week we will be getting to the epic finale of The Walking Dead: The Final Season as the episode drops on March 26th. This we already knew. Skybound gave us this date quite a while back and we all knew when our hearts were going to be broken. Now we are back to have a slight taste of just how this is going to happen in this episode of The Walking Dead as we now have a trailer to look at for this. Yes, we now have the story/launch trailer to spoil a little bit of the game but show us how heartbreaking the game could potentially be here.

You can see the trailer below, but this makes me even sadder knowing that the direct team behind The Walking Dead took over and further expanded on the title since it was dropped. Now it is coming to an end just like the many other titles that fall in the franchise but did nothing to the level we have seen here. I am curious if this is just going to actually be a step toward a fully new title in the same vein but just the end of Clem’s story. This model obviously works and I would like to think we could see more of these stories from The Walking Dead through different locations and characters. I guess we will need to vote with our money and hope it becomes the case.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season — Take Us Back

“Never mind the darkness

Never mind the storm

Never mind the blood red moon

The night will be over soon”

Clementine and AJ’s journey is nearly at its end, but with an explosive cliffhanger before the finale, how will the survivors fare against foes both alive and undead?

Are you fully ready for The Walking Dead to come to an end here or did you have hopes we would get one more after this? Could this all lead into a larger game world in the same setting or will this be where Skybound will leave it on a high note? What else would you like to see in the universe or do you think it is truly time to put it to bed? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. Once we have a chance to finalize The Walking Dead: The Final Season on our end, we will place more on the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking back in here for all of that.

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