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A Plague Tale: Innocence Has A Darker Story Than We Thought

A Plague Tale: Innocence Has A Darker Story Than We Thought

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A new story trailer for A Plague Tale: Innocence goes into more of the relationships of the characters and how it will be just as dark as A Plague Tale’s gameplay

There was never any doubt that A Plague Tale: Innocence was going to be a dark and sad story given the concept and topic the game was aiming to cover. The Black Death is not a happy time for pretty much anyone and Asobo Studio is digging into it a bit more by aiming to tell a dark tale mixed into its stealth and puzzle gameplay. If you have been keeping up with A Plague Tale, then you know just about what we are all expecting of the game on May 14th. If not, then get ready to see how the story will most likely take on some darker aspects than we previously knew, as we have a new story trailer to watch now.

We already knew that the story of A Plague Tale was going to revolve around Amicia and Hugo as they try to escape some horrible things in France. All set during the Hundred Years’ War and plague set in. The church is also mixed in as it seems that their family is being targeted as one of the reasons the Black Death is there. More specifically, as the trailer shows, Hugo is the target as that is whom everyone in A Plague Tale is gunning for. There could be something else going on, but this is how the story is presented here in the most recent trailer we have to show off. Have a look and see just what I am talking about.

A Plague Tale: Innocence — Story Trailer

A Plague Tale: Innocence is the brand new own-IP title from Asobo Studio, bringing their veterancy in game development to a moving story of adventure and bonding through the darkest hours of history. In today’s Story Trailer, see just a glimpse of the heartbreaking tale of young Amicia and her brother Hugo, on the run from the Black Death, a plague of rats, the Inquisition, and worse besides. Today also marks the beginning of pre-orders on all platforms for A Plague Tale: Innocence, set to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 14.

The story begins in the Kingdom of France, as the Hundred Years’ War and the emergence of the plague start to take a toll on the population. The De Rune family lives a still-peaceful, sheltered life in their castle and surrounding lands, but it can’t last…

Amicia and Hugo’s journey will take them to incredible places, some indescribably horrifying, others hauntingly beautiful, and many a mix of the two. The people they meet, and their fates, will shape their story — and it is unlikely either sibling would survive without the other. As they grow closer, the world gets harsher, and that bond becomes ever more vital.

If the story for A Plague Tale did not get your juices flowing, then let us take in some new gameplay that has emerged here. Focus Home Interactive held a large press event with many having the chance to get some hands-on time with the game and that means we have some new looks to take in. Specifically, as it comes to the Human and Rat enemies in the game. The following video highlights just how we will be going stealth in sections of A Plague Tale as well as using some basic puzzle solving to make it out alive. Not only that but how the two will need to work together in more than a few spots to make sure that both can get past the rats without issue.

A Plague Tale: Innocence — Escaping Killer Rats And Crazy Humans

Do you agree that the story of A Plague Tale: Innocence looks to be much darker than we previously knew or is it about where you figured it would be given the material? Do you think that we will see more of the family as the game progresses or will they be in the first chapter and then we will focus on Hugo and what is coursing through his veins? Do you think that the puzzles will become more elaborate as the game progresses or will they all be about the same basic ones that we get to see here? Let us have all of those thoughts and feelings down in the comments. When there is more to share for A Plague Tale, we will share it all here. Just keep coming back in to see it all.

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