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Get Ready For A Lot Of Intense Web Swinging In Spider-Man

Get Ready For A Lot Of Intense Web Swinging In Spider-Man


A new interview for the upcoming Spider-Man title is out there and we get some further insight on just how Spider-Man’s web swinging will flow

If for some reason you were worried about how the web swinging was going to work in Spider-Man or if it was going to be some weird thing that the team did not focus on, then you can place some of those concerns aside. I do not know who you would be out there as almost everyone has had strong faith in Insomniac Games doing right by the fans with the game; I just know you were out there. Nonetheless, we have a new look at just how this aspect of Spider-Man will work in the game and it definitely impresses as it looks to use more of the real-world physics to do just what we want. All of which came out with the recent interview that took place for the game and can be shown off down below.

As one would expect, to do the swinging in Spider-Man we will be using the R2 button for most of the basics. This will attach Spidey to a building or object and he will then get to swing like a pendulum with that focal point. Releasing, jumping off, or doing another maneuver during the swing can and will have different effects happen. More or less, it will tie back into the speed and momentum that is being built up for Spider-Man, but it looks like it will use real-world physics to do it. Think back to even the most recent films where it comes up and Peter is taking notes to better his performance. Hopefully, you took notes too as it will all link in to keep us flowing.

Another interesting thing we are getting in this Spider-Man game that others have generally ignored, is the fact that we can always keep him moving. Even if we do not time a web sling correctly and should slam into a building, we will always be able to carry over the momentum and use all of Spider-Man‘s movement abilities to keep the flow going. You can read that as we will be able to run up or alongside buildings and objects instead of just slamming into them and falling down. Peter has been at this for eight years now so it would make sense that he could recover that quickly and know just what he is doing at all times. I know I like how it all looks as of now.

Have a look at the full interview for Spider-Man that we have below. There are a few more tidbits mixed in there in terms of different movement options but it all comes back to keeping the momentum going. Have a look and then get ready to wait until September 7th to put it all into motion.

Spider-Man — How Web Swinging Works

Spider-Man‘s unique knack for web swinging is an idea that has translated very well to video games in the past. The question on Spider-fan’s minds now is how Insomniac’s take on Spidey’s movement works, and whether it lives up to the fun had in the Spider-Man titles of a bygone era. In the video below, Ryan Smith and Bryan Intihar from Insomniac Games finally shed some light on the physics of web swinging and the mechanics of traversal you’ll be using when the game releases this September.

Are you glad to see what Insomniac has done here for Spider-Man or were you hoping for something different? What do you think about the team going for realism over comic book realism when it comes to anchor points for Peter? Do you think that players will be able to master the physics side of things to make for the fastest moving Spidey out there? Let us have all of your thoughts and more down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Spider-Man in any way, be sure to stick close to the site here. We will keep all of the updates rolling out just as fast as Spidey can swing.

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