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Get Your Own Small Advantage In Injustice 2 With The Atom

Get Your Own Small Advantage In Injustice 2 With The Atom

Injustice 2

The first character for Injustice 2’s Fighter Pack 3 DLC is here and Atom is officially joining Injustice 2 sometime very soon

We just had Raiden join the roster of Injustice 2 and we are still waiting for Hellboy to finally round out the Fighter Pack 2 DLC, but that does not mean that we have to wait long to get our next update to the game. In fact, it looks like NetherRealm Studios has opted to just come out and confirm a character that we have figured was in the game since the UI was updated back when the first new fighter joined the roster. As we all figured, Atom is joining Injustice 2 officially in Fighter Pack 3 and we have a new look at the character besides the shaded out character select screen. No more speculation on that character and now we only have two more to figure out so we have the full list out there.

As you will see below, we have the traditional introduction video for Atom here in Injustice 2. The big difference is that unlike all of the other ones, this one does not show the full Super Move for Atom here but it looks like there are a few pieces. There is also not much to give us an assumption on what his character power is as well, but it does look like he is a close fighter with speed as the Flash is. At least that is how I look at it and when we get the full breakdown we will know for certain. Nonetheless, it looks like another great character mixed into Injustice 2 here for us all.

Injustice 2 — Introducing Atom!

Physics prodigy Ryan Choi took on the mantle of the Atom when his mentor — and original Atom — Ray Palmer mysteriously disappeared. Now armed with quantum shrinking technology, Ryan will use the subatomic power of the quantum bio-belt to seek out his lost friend and further the fight for justice.

There is still no word on when Atom will be joining Injustice 2 or even when Fighter Pack 3 will be coming. We are still waiting on the final character for the current DLC pack and it is assumed that we will see Hellboy in November and if NetherRealm Studios keeps up their pace that means we could see Atom by December. Do not take that as gospel here, but the logic seems sound based on what we have seen for Injustice 2 since launch and followed by all of the DLC so far. This could change at any time though.

What do you think about Atom joining Injustice 2 here and is it a surprise at all to you? Do you think he will be another compliment to The Flash and Cheetah in the game already? Do you agree that it seems likely that we will see this character in December here or do you think that there may be a break to keep the game going just a bit longer? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Injustice 2 and all of its DLC though, keep checking in here to see and hear it all.

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