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It Is Time To Get To Know The Voices Of Far Cry 5

It Is Time To Get To Know The Voices Of Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5

A few new interviews for Far Cry 5 have popped up and they all deal with the voice cast of the game and a few other little tidbits to look for in Far Cry 5

A little bit more for Far Cry 5 has popped up here as we head into the new year and ever closer to the March 27th release date for the game. Even though most of the world is “off” or holding back until sometime after 2017 is over to give out anything more, Ubisoft is here to show us a few of the small interviews they had with the voice cast of the game. Well more the voice cast of three of our Heroes For Hire in Far Cry 5 that we have had the pleasure of experiencing. We will be hearing their voices for hours on end when we spin the game up on our PS4, Xbox One, or PC so it makes sense that we put a true face to the voice. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, this is what we have to wrap up the year with for the game and we should enjoy it.

All of the following interviews do not show much more of Far Cry 5 than we have yet to see so far. They do focus in on Pastor Jeffries, Nick Rye, and Grace Armstrong so we can get a feel for how each of the actors approaches the scenes. We also get a bit on how nerve-wracking shooting these scenes can be as it is mostly an actor in a bodysuit pretending whatever is going on in front of a large group of developers. I can see how that can put someone off of their “game,” so to say. Either way, here we go with some more on Far Cry 5 to keep us held over since we are waiting an extra month now to get the game. Watch and do enjoy.

Far Cry 5 — Meet Martin Roach, The Voice Of Pastor Jerome Jeffries

Discover the inhabitants of Hope County. Interview with Martin Roach, who lent his voice to Pastor Jeffries.

Far Cry 5 — Meet Murry Peeters, The Voice Of Grace Armstrong

Discover the inhabitants of Hope County. Interview with Murry Peeters, who spoke to Grace Armstrong.

Far Cry 5 — Meet Steve Byers, The Voice Of Nick Rye

Discover the inhabitants of Hope County. Interview with Steve Byers, who lent his voice to Nick Rye.

Do you have any new thoughts on Far Cry 5 after seeing how some of the actors approached the scenes and game in general? Do you think that some of the experiences, or lack of, will show in the characters or will they have been blended out with “movie magic?” Were you also hoping to see more of Boomer than just the plush version of the dog? Let us know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more Far Cry 5 in any of the ways that Ubisoft wants to get it out there, be sure to stick right here. We will have all of the updates as soon as we can.

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