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Let’s Scan Some More Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshots Before Launch

Let’s Scan Some More Horizon Zero Dawn Screenshots Before Launch

A new batch of Horizon Zero Dawn screenshots have dropped as a nice gift before Horizon Zero Dawn and for the new year

In just about two months now we will be getting to load up Horizon Zero Dawn on our PS4s and a lot of us couldn’t be more excited. Not only does the game look great but it is a new IP from Guerrilla Games and we all know we need more of those as rehashing the same old will keep the industry truly stagnant. Of course, just being new isn’t something that will make Horizon Zero Dawn sell but it is something that we always enjoy sinking our gaming teeth into. Even if we’ve seen similar types of games and stories like this out there. Thankfully the dystopian future filled with robots is always a fun one to play around in. Especially when it looks like we have some extra “future gear” mixed right in.

I wish I had more to tell about Horizon Zero Dawn here and not just a load of the same old that we’ve been getting for a while but all we really have here right now is a few more screenshots to kick off the new year. I’d like to think that sometime in the next month we’ll get something else truly solid but Guerrilla did give us this batch of new screens just for the new year to look at and that is why we are really here right now. A lot of them do look about the same as usual but there are some interesting ones mixed right in. One of which does look to show us a different way that Aloy will be scouting and scanning the areas. At least here as she sneaks up on some Sawtooths out in the wild to see just where their weaknesses are.

It is really nice to see a lot of those same old machine in Horizon Zero Dawn in different angles and places even if there is nothing truly new here. At the very least we can all agree that it does look like Guerrilla Games is making a visually stunning game out there in the wild. I even had to take a second and third look at some of these shots to make sure that they were all in-game shots from Horizon Zero Dawn. Some even looked like some very detailed concept art pieces here but we have all game here. Truly stunning and I can’t wait for February 28th to get here. If nothing more than just to look at the new world built here and not just to play the game that they have built for us.

What do you think about these new images for Horizon Zero Dawn that we were gifted? Do you think that the game is looking much better than before or will this be only what we see if we have the top of the line hardware to run it all? Do you think that we will have many other machines in the mix in the final game or will we only get different versions of these same ones over and over again? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Horizon Zero Dawn as it all comes out though, be sure to stick right here as we’ll keep bringing all of the updates, news, and visuals that we can find out there for you all.

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