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Rain Down Fire & Lightning In Nightmarchers With The Help Of Pele

Rain Down Fire & Lightning In Nightmarchers With The Help Of Pele


Another god for Nightmarchers is here to add to the mix as we have a new look at Pele in Nightmarchers and the powers granted along with that

It looks like Wyrmbyte Studios is not holding back with the updates for Nightmarchers here as we have yet another of the deities that will be joining in on the fight being shown off here for us. I mean, they are ramping up their Fig campaign here so it makes perfect sense, but I would have thought we would have had a longer lull between. I will not complain at all though as this one does show off some of the fire and fury we will be able to unleash in Nightmarchers if we are able to free Pele from bondage and gain favor. Destruction and creation are always a good thing to be in control of or have helping you out at the end of the day.

As you can see in the following trailer for Nightmarchers, we will be getting a nice and expanded skill tree to upgrade and here we see what happens when we get a volcanic eruption and a lightning strike added into our mix of powers. Total carnage and explosive blasts are the short answer there. That is what we get. Although it does look like there is a bit of delay from when they go off so we may need to “lead the target” to get them to be fully effective. Then again, Nightmarchers is still in the very early state of things and this could all change as development progresses. At least if they can get the rest of the funding that is. As of this writing, it is only 32% funded with just under a month for us to shell out the cash to help. Get at it if this game looks for you.

Nightmarchers — Akua Video Featuring Pele

Wyrmbyte Studios continues its video series with a focus on the Goddess of Fire, Pele. Forged from the fire of Hawaii’s amazing volcanoes. Pele is a violent goddess of destruction and creation. Controlling the power of flame, but also lightning and wind. She can help you unlock some devastating powers.

What is interesting here for this Nightmarchers, is that it looks like the list of deities from Hawaiian culture have been shown off even if their abilities granted have not. We already saw Kū in the mix, now Pele, and it looks like we have Kāne, Kahoali, Kanaloa, Kapo, Milu, Maui, and Kamoa still in the mix to get out there. It also looks like Nightmarchers will have some form of outpost system that we will need to capture along the way to get extra perks. At least that is how it looks from a shot of the skills page we have in the video here. It also looks like each faction could have over 35 different outposts in the game world as that looks to be the top tier of each skill tree. I could be way off though.

What do you think of these powers we will be granted in Nightmarchers and do you think they look a bit ‘laggy’ too? What do you think the other deities will offer up based on the mythologies and icons used on the skills page? Do you think that we will have more outposts to claim in the game than the 35 alluded to here or will that be the cap to keep us moving in the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. As we dig up more for Nightmarchers, we will place it all here. Just keep checking back in and you will get to see it all too. At least if that is your jam.

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