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Review — Caasi’s Odyssey

Review — Caasi’s Odyssey

Caasi’s Odyssey

We sit down and review Caasi’s Odyssey. “The next generation rogue-adventure.” Here’s our review of Caasi’s Odyssey

Caasi’s Odyssey claims to be “The next generation rogue-adventure with unique gameplay mechanics such as a physics based damage system.” It was developed Indieaner Games.

This game is not good. As soon as I started Caasi’s Odyssey it began to glitch. After some fiddling around a bit the game just starts. No instructions. The only keys I can find that work are A, W, S, and D. I found the attacks purely by accident. I am still not entirely sure how to pull it off. I wasn’t even sure how to start an actual dungeon for the first few minutes into boot up. The only game I have to compare this too is The Binding Of Isaac which was fun, easy to pick up and learn, and much better.

Bringing back up The Binding of Isaac, it’s not the prettiest game ever, but at least the cohesive art style made the game nice to look at. Caasi’s Odyssey has boring, drab, cookie cutter, medieval, stone dungeons. What’s the point of randomized dungeons if everything is going to look the same? Maybe it just meant the lay out which still doesn’t help the case much. Until painstakingly smashing my head against a wall I finally came to a room with water, fairies, and a “one up” I could not get; apparently.

Honestly I have giving up trying to figure Caasi’s Odyssey out at this point. Which after getting something that supposedly increases my damage I die in the next room to the blue colored enemy which is the same shape of almost every other enemy. So what good is a “10” boost in damage if it’s worthless? Sometime later after banging my head against a wall drudging through this game I somehow got a new attack. I could shoot four balls at once; one of which was red.

I also learned the hard way what the room with water and a 1X heart is. It takes a heart in order to give you a power up. Normally in my twenty plus years of gaming a random heart with a 1X beside it is supposed to be retrieved. Maybe if this game did a better job explaining things, or even put forth the effort, I would not have wasted so much time bumping into the darn thing wondering how to get the extra heart.

After randomly stumbling into a boss room I proceed to hit it in every spot; even after it turned colors. Nothing happened. It hit me twice which threw me into the corner and it trapped me there. Killing me. Again no explanation as to who this monster is or a hint to its weak spot. Even a vague hint when I enter the room would have been fine. I believe the monsters name was Magneto. Even if I was doing damage there was no visual representation of it. No monster flinch, no cry from being hurt, no anything.

Then I stumbled into another boss room. This one generically called Ghost. Assuming because it was a ghost that could also shoot four balls like myself at this point. After killing this boss, which was actually easier than the regular enemies I encountered, it was slower and easier to dodge. After killing it, I was granted some sort of power up, and now it looks like I am playing a bad top-down perspective Dragon Ball Z fan game. They literally gave the character model blond spiked hair, like a Super Saiyan. This is even more confusing because you start out as bald.

A short cut scene plays out showing the starting room door opening. I go over and it pops up to press the F key in order to proceed but it says “Level 11.” I don’t know how I got to level 11. This was the first level I had beaten. It’s like a bad recurring nightmare. I go from a boss that slaps me into a corner and holds me there, to a super easy boss, to another boss that hits me into a corner and just sits on top of me again.

After about twenty more minutes of playing Caasi’s Odyssey I was decidedly I was done. I hit escape to hopefully be taken to my desktop but instead I found a menu. It has a few settings. The button I found most intriguing was “Uterus.” That’s right. They have a button in their menu named after the part of a woman’s body where children are conceived. I clicked on it out of morbid curiosity, where it just took me back to the lack luster starting screen.

I feel Caasi’s Odyssey is akin to those mobile game rip offs that want to cash in on a popular games success by being cheaply associated with it by way of being technically in the same category. I didn’t have fun with this game. It has a lot of flaws. I felt like it’s trying to be a Binding Of Isaac clone. I will give the game two things though. I see some potential for a fun little five dollar game on Steam and I liked the music. I personally and professionally can’t recommend Caasi’s Odyssey. I hope as time goes on we will see it get more improvements.

Caasi’s Odyssey doesn’t have a release date but it will come to PC hopefully this year.

Caasi’s Odyssey — Physics Based Damage System

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