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Rico’s Greatest Adversary Is Here For Just Cause 4

Rico’s Greatest Adversary Is Here For Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4

A few new videos for Just Cause 4 are here to show off the biggest enemy for Rico as well as a lot more gameplay for Just Cause 4

We finally have a look at the latest of villains to join the ranks of the Just Cause universe. They all have one and they are all horrible people that Rico needs to deal with. It looks like just as with each iteration of the franchise we have the next and ‘greatest’ enemy that he has to deal with and now we have a look at her in action from Avalanche Studios. Yes, you read that right there. I said her. Do not get your panties in a bunch there now that you fully know that Just Cause 4 will feature a female villain. It is 2018 humans and it is something we should have expected to see on December 4th when the game launches.

Here we have Gabriela Morales to ruin our days in Just Cause 4. She is the leader of the Black Hand here and looks to have been molded by fear in some major way. A way that she will use to ravage the lands of the world there as well as make Rico jump into action. Just as good villains do. I am a little let down that it looks like this Just Cause will be going with a stereotypical look for the villain here, but we cannot always get what we are hoping for. I just like to see molds fully broken and not just deviated a little when it comes to things of this nature.

Just Cause 4 — Rico’s Rival

Meet Gabriela Morales: Leader of the infamous Black Hand, and Rico’s toughest adversary yet.

To go along with this new villain for Just Cause 4, we also have a plethora of new gameplay to look at for the game. It is a little on the old side if you have been able to be at specific events where Avalanche Studios was showing it off, but we have it here just for you in case you have misses out. It happens and you should not be penalized because of this. Have a look and see all of the new things that Just Cause 4 will have for you to play with and blow up. It is the way of the franchise and such.

Just Cause 4 — 20 Minutes Live Gameplay

Game Director Francesco Antolini reveals brand new and exclusive information while Producer Bryan Rodriquez plays the game live, demonstrating the creative freedom and vibrant world that Just Cause 4 offers.

How are you feeling about this new “big bad” for Just Cause 4 and is it what you fully expected? DO you think that we are going to see the same usual tropes here for the character or will we be blindsided by something a lot deeper? What about the look and feel we can get from these videos here? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we have more for Just Cause 4 to share with you, we will update the site with it. All you have to do is keep coming back in for it all.

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