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Take To The Skies In Nightmarchers With The Favor Of Maui

Take To The Skies In Nightmarchers With The Favor Of Maui


The next deity of Nightmarchers is here to show off just why we will want the favor of Maui in Nightmarchers so we can fly around the world and scout out our enemies

One more god in Nightmarchers is here to look at for us today as Maui is now shown off and the ability granted from the god’s favor is here as well. This would be the third deity that Wyrmbyte Studios has shown us here while their Fig campaign is underway. Each one of these beings in Nightmarchers will bring us some new abilities and powers to use to help reclaim the islands and Maui is the one that gives us the ability to fly. Not just fly, but to turn into a fancy bird to do all of that flying. We have seen this in some of the older videos for the game, but now we know why and just how we will gain this ability.

You can see it in action just below in the new trailer, but I will say it is a bit odd to see that turning into a bird in Nightmarchers still allows for enemies to spot you or at least detect you. Sure, it makes sense given that it is a shiny and fancy bird that would catch the eye, but it does seem to deviate from the norm that powers and abilities like this have had in many other games. Usually, we are undetectable when in forms like this or using things like it, but here it does not seem the case. This could be due to the game still being in the earlier stages of production, but it does look like it is in there. I guess we will see in the future.

Nightmarchers — Akua Video Featuring Maui

The name Maui is synonymous with Hawaiian culture and charm. There is a deep history behind the word which represents one of Hawaii’s strongest demi-gods. This ancient hero returns in Nightmarchers to help you defeat the corruption spread across the island. As you restore Maui’s honor he will bestow legendary powers to you in your quest.

The more Hawaiian deities you encounter the more powers you will unlock. Maui brings flight and the ability to transform into a bird. You can upgrade skills as you continue to play.

Currently Nightmarchers is at the 39% funded state on Fig and it still has another three weeks to go to reach its full goal. This is up 7% since last week when we had the last deity to look at for the game. Obviously Wyrmbyte Studios will not be able to get the game funded if it keeps at this rate, so if Nightmarchers looks like a title you want to see get finished, head on over and invest in the project. Remember Fig is the service that will not only let you help fund the game but also profit off it depending on how well it sells. So not only can you help make a developer’s dream come true, you can also get into an investment game a bit.

Do you like the way Maui is being mixed in Nightmarchers here or would you have rather seen something a bit different? Do you like the design of the bird you turn into or do you think it will need some work before the final version of the game? Do you think it is going to be odd to be able to be detected while in the form here or does it make more sense to allow for that? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Nightmarchers, keep checking back in here. We will keep our coverage flowing for it to see if it finally comes to light and help you get to know what the game is all about.

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